Levitex pillow review: an ultra-soothing foam pillow that's sized to suit you

The Levitex pillow stands out for offering a range of depths to suit different bodies and sleeping styles. Here's our review

Levitex pillow
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T3 Verdict

The Levitex Pillow is available in range of depths, which is a bit of a game-changer, helping put you in a more natural-feeling position as you slumber. The foam is soothingly soft yet supportive, and stays cool throughout the night.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Range of sizes and depths

  • +

    Doesn't trap heat

  • +

    Supportive and ultra-comfy

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Doesn't fill a pillow case

  • -

    Basic design

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The Levitex Pillow is an interesting prospect in that it comes in four depths – 8cm, 10cm, 12cm and 14cm – designed to suit different sized bodies and different sleeping positions. It's made from the brand's own 'Levitex foam' with a removable nylon cover, and costs £70, regardless of what size you opt for.

As a company, Levitex is founded on the idea that sleep can be used for recovery, provided you sleep in the right position and sleep on something appropriately supportive. The foam is designed to offer the perfect level of support to sink, and the different sizes are to ensure your spine stays in the ideal, neutral alignment overnight. (The company founder has a decade or so's experience in healthcare, and the design was developed in collaboration with a pain medicine consultant and clinician, so there's some solid expertise to back the company's claims up.)

I was recommended the 8cm for when I lie on my back, and the 10cm for when lying on my side, and I've been testing both out for the past few weeks to see if they're fit to be considered amongst today's best pillows. Read on for my full Levitex pillow review. 

Levitex pillow review: size options

The Lexitex Pillow is available in four depths, from Small to Extra Large, and the size you opt for depends on how you like to sleep (shallower pillows for back sleepers, deeper for side sleepers, front sleepers not catered for on the basis that is this is a Bad Sleeping Position, according to Levitex), your height, build and gender.

To find your size, you can take a short quiz, which starts by asking you what position you typically sleep in, then if you pick a side position, there's a selection of heights / gender / build combos to pick from. If you pick one of the back positions, it simplifies that to just ask if you're a man or a woman. Presumably, gender is included because it has a bearing on typical shoulder breadth and ...er... neck position? I do wonder if it might have been simpler to speak in terms of height and build only. Throwing gender into the mix often seems to confuse things, not to mention being off-putting for those who don't fit within the typical binary, either in terms of physical frame or gender identity.

Levitex pillow size selector quiz screengrab

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Levitex pillow review: design

Aside from the range of sizes available, the design is pretty simple. The pillows are rectangular with tapered edges and curved corners, a stretchy nylon cover that can be zipped off and washed, and a single brand tag. The build quality is perfectly fine but nothing special – these pillows don't feel especially luxe and there's no extra detailing to speak of. I'd perhaps expect something slightly more elevated for the higher price point, but to be fair, once it's in a pillow case, it doesn't make much difference anyway.

Levitex pillow

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With the Levitex pillow, you get all the benefits of a foam rather than down/feather pillow – i.e. uniform support, no need to plump, the knowledge that it's not going to change shape overnight. You also get the annoyances of a foam pillow – i.e. it looks a bit sad in a pillow case (especially true of the smaller sizes here, which don't go any way to filling a standard sized case, and have the vibe of a child who's been put into clothing that they'll 'grow into in no time').

Levitex pillow review: comfort & support

Levitex foam, is absolutely, definitely not memory foam – the founder is very anti the stuff – but in reality there are so many foams on the sleep market these days, the difference between them seems to be more a case of semantics than anything more concrete. Rather than focusing on whatever a brand has decided to call its foam, it's more useful to consider things like how firm it is, how much you sink in, and how well the foam avoids trapping body heat. 

It just so turns out that this is really extremely comfy foam. It moulds just the right amount to your head, providing a stable, supportive base that also feels soothingly soft – the company may approach things from an orthopaedic point of view, but this does not feel like an orthopaedic pillow. No sore ears, here. The different heights really do make a difference, too. The shallower pillow, in particular, for back sleeping, felt far more natural and comfortable than the thick pillows I've been making do with. 

I haven't spotted any other brands that offer a range of foam pillow depths; most seem to be a standard 12cm thick, which when you think about it does seem like an oversight, as clearly this isn't going to be ideal for all builds and sleep styles. If you're looking for a thinner or thicker pillow, then Levitex is a strong recommendation.

Another aspect worth a quick shout-out is to do with temperature. Some foams can trap body heat and become uncomfortable and sweaty in warm weather, but the Levitex pillow doesn't heat up at all, that I can tell. Another big win on the comfort front.

Levitex pillow

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Levitex says that its pillows can ease tension and counter neck and back pain, improve digestion and circulation, reduce snoring, boost your energy levels and core strength, and even increase your lung capacity – which, if true, is an impressive list of achievements indeed. I don't snore and I don't have a particular issue with neck pain, so I'm not really in a position to verify or debunk these claims, other than to say my Levitex pillows certainly didn't have any adverse effects.  

The site warns you might need 2-14 nights to get used to sleeping on a Levitex pillow, but I found it instantly comfortable – although if you're used to sleeping on a feather pillow, be aware that it is a different kind of sensation.

Levitex pillow review: delivery & extras

All of the Levitex pillows cost £70 regardless of size, which is on the pricier end for a foam pillow – although there's 10% off your first order. There's free UK delivery and the pillows can be shipped worldwide.

On the extras, Levitex suffers a little from being a smaller company – other, bigger outfits can afford to offer a trial period, for example. Here, there approach seems a little less standardised: if you don't get on with the pillow, Levitex asks that you get in touch to give them a 'chance to make it right', although it does offer free courier pickup in the UK if you do need to return your pillow. Finally, there's a five-year quality guarantee.

Levitex pillow review: verdict

Now to the crux of my Levitex pillow review: is it any good? I think it's excellent. It's soothingly soft yet supportive, and the different heights are a bit of a game-changer in terms of offering a natural-feeling sleeping position (especially for those who like to sleep on their back). With most other brands offering one height – 12cm – Levitex has cornered a compelling niche in the market. 

These pillows don't look especially luxurious – either inside a pillow case or out – so if your priority is something plump and inviting, perhaps look elsewhere. But if it's comfort and support you're looking for, Levitex pillows are a strong recommendation. 

Levitex pillow review: alternatives to consider

If you fancy a memory foam pillow, we're also big fans of the Panda Memory Foam bamboo pillow. This is a fair whack cheaper, you get a 30-night trial when purchased through Panda, and we also like the bamboo cover. There's only one depth option though (12cm). We also like the REM-Fit 500 cool gel pillow, although that's a more high-end option, price-wise, and again there's only one depth option (12cm). 

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