Bad Mutha Leather Wallet

A tidy wallet that should appeal to film fanatics

Reasons to buy

  • +

    Pulp Fiction nod is subtle

  • +

    Classic and robust design

Reasons to avoid

  • -

    No dedicated coin compartment

  • -

    Basic layout and features

T3 isn't really very gimmick friendly if we're being honest. In the tech world everyone is looking for something unique to separate their product from the pack and, more often than not, that leads to some just awful tacky gadgets. In the case of the Bad Mutha Leather Wallet though, we've put down our gimmick destroying guns, as this currency carrier does gimmick right.

The wallet replicates that held by Samuel L. Jackson's famous on-screen character from Pulp Fiction, Jules. As such, it's emblazoned with “Bad Mother F***er” and comes with an internal business card with the entirety of Jules' famous speech printed on it for you to reel off at any suitable moment.

As for the wallet itself, for £9.26 it is surprisingly well made out of real brown leather, sports a straightforward design with driving licence viewing window, multiple card slots and a note compartment. However, coins can only be carried in limited quantity, as the wallet doesn't come with a dedicated coin holder.

Overall, a good choice for film fanatics or those looking to spend less than tenner.