World Refill Day: 3 simple things you can do that will make a difference

Today is World Refill Day 2023 - find out how you can make a mark on the world around you

World Refill Day
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16th June is World Refill Day, a global day of action to prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste. It was shockingly revealed by National Geographic in 2018 that less than 10% of the plastic we use has ever been recycled, creating a strong awareness why plastic waste is an increasing problem.

The great news is that reuse and refill options are becoming more and more available to us. In recent years, reusable options for everyday items such as face creams and cleaning products have multiplied, and it has become easier to buy loose products and use refill options in shops. 

Whilst plastic pollution is an enormous issue all around the world, just making a small change in your own habits can have a huge effect. We’ve come up with a few ways in which you can help: 

1. Think reusable 

Let’s remember, It’s not just water bottles that can be refilled and reused! There are lots of options out there, such as hot drinks cups, containers, and cutlery/straws that can be used as many times as possible. Whilst there are an increasing number of shops that offer refills of day-to-day essentials, you can still take action if there isn’t one nearby! 

Old takeaway containers are great to reuse as packed lunch box and old jam/pickle jars are perfect flower cases or drinking cups. Remember, the most sustainable option is the one you already have!

2. Analyse your own waste

You can understand exactly how much waste we create by taking a look at your own rubbish and tracking what you’re frequently throwing away. We often throw things away without a second thought, so this is a great way to find substitutes for our most regularly discarded items. 

For example, if you find a lot of coffee cups in the bin, you know it’s time to buy a reusable cup. If you find sandwich and snack packages, consider purchasing a reusable lunch box that you can take with you on the go! It can be easy to ignore things like this when you have a busy lifestyle, but it’s a really small change that will make a huge difference. 

3. Talk about it!

Talking about plastic pollution and how easy it is to help creates awareness on a much larger scale than you think. You can try to find as many places as possible in your local community that allow you to bring your own container for purchases, or just bring it up in conversation with your friends to see if they have any recommendations for other reuse tips. 

If there isn’t currently a refill shop in your area, there may be a local business you can approach to see if they’d be open to start getting involved in reusable options. A conversation is the first step to changing behaviour and businesses always find consumer feedback extremely powerful - what have you got to lose? 

As mentioned, these actions may seem tiny to you. However, if everybody in the world did these three things, can you imagine what the impact would be? Start making your mark on the world around you for a better and more sustainable future. 

Lizzie Wilmot
Staff Writer, Home

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