Want to see the next generation of 4K TV? Get in the Q

The future’s bright, and we mean really, really bright. Welcome to the QLED revolution.

Imagine seeing colour in a whole new light, with light and shade so detailed that it’s like you’re actually inside the movie. Imagine seeing things you’ve never seen before in your favourite films, of experiencing sports so real you duck when the ball comes in your direction, of gaming so gripping you forget to go to work. Imagine TV, perfected. 

You’re going to love QLED. 

Picture: perfect  

If you thought 4K HDR was pretty good, you’re going to love what QLED delivers. Samsung’s groundbreaking Quantum Dot technology delivers Certified Ultra HD Premium picture quality and the world’s first 100% colour volume as per the DCI-P3 standard. In plain English that means a picture that’ll make your jaw drop and keep on dropping. Whether you’re watching nature in all its glory or on the edge of your seat during a movie, QLED enables you to experience entertainment like you’ve never experienced it before. 

The secret? An astonishing dynamic range that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. QLED TV offers state of the art Q HDR 1500/2000 luminance levels and Precision Black Ultimate colour, and that means exceptional brightness, incredible shadow detail and colour so accurate you’ll want to lick the screen when you’re watching cooking programmes.  

None more black  

The levels of contrast are nothing short of spectacular. Whether you’re watching the football on a sunny day, keeping the lights low for a scary movie or enjoying Planet Earth in eye-popping detail, you’ll enjoy a perfect picture every time: the grass has never been so green, explosions so frightening or the Earth so amazing. You’ll notice a huge difference if you’re a gamer, too. The combination of exceptional colour, Ultra HD and HDR makes games so realistic you’ll scare yourself silly, and Samsung’s anti-reflective Ultra Black panel is particularly spectacular in gaming environments where you need to see every last detail or movies where the most important scenes happen in darkness. 

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you get to share the world’s best viewing experience with everybody in the room. Samsung’s QLED range has super-wide viewing angles that mean every seat is the best seat in the house, no matter where that seat may be. 

Refined elegance for everywhere  

QLED TVs are as pretty to look at when they’re switched off as when they’re switched on. Samsung’s stunning 360 design is gorgeous from every angle, and the near-invisible optical cable and One Connect box removes the clutter that spoils so many home entertainment setups. Every QLED TV is a work of art in its own right, bringing style and elegance to any living space, and the no-gap wall mount means you can hang it like a work of art too. The Bezel is effectively invisible, the all-metal design looks just right in any traditional or contemporary space and there’s a choice of stands to get the look that’s perfect for your place. 

Samsung’s QLED TVs are pretty on the inside too. With intelligent voice control, Samsung’s legendary Smart Hub and the Smart Remote’s ability to control all your compatible devices, QLED TVs are the smartest TVs on the planet.  

Think big  

QLED TVs can be as big as your ambition: the Q7F QLED Ultra HD TF starts at a mighty 49 inches and is available up to a whopping 75 inches, while the curved Q7C comes in 49”, 44” and 65” versions and the curved Q8C can be configured with 55”, 65” and 75” displays. No matter which size you choose you get the same amazing Q Colour and Q HDR 1500 performance, the near-invisible connection and the ability to design your space just-so.  

To find out more about Samsung’s QLED technology and discover the future of TV, you’ll get the full picture on the Samsung website. Once you’ve seen QLED, you’ll never see TV in the same way again. 

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