Surface Book is finally available in the UK (and it's about time)

Convertible laptop came to the US in October

If you were keenly awaiting the arrival of the Surface Book over here in the UK, then you're in luck - the wait is over.

Surface Book is now available in the UK as well as Austria, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland.

UK buyers can pre-order Surface Book at Currys/PC World and Microsoft Store with prices starting at £1,299 (although neither store appears to have pre-orders live as yet).

Surface Book hit the shelves at the end of October in the US and has also been available in Australia.

The Surface Book has drawn high praise, and offers some nifty features, including the recent revelation of the fact that you can swap the base unit out for another base in the future, should you wish to upgrade (at least if Microsoft decides to sell the bottom half of the laptop separately, that is).

The Surface Hub is Microsoft's giant 84-inch 4K digital whiteboard which will cost around $20,000, that's just over £13,000 (or a mere snip of $7000 – around £4500 – for the smaller 55-inch version which is just plain full HD resolution).

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