Upgrade your home security for year-round peace of mind with the battery-powered EZVIZ BC1 Camera Kit

Leaving the house more recently? This EZVIZ BC1 Camera Kit, with a 365-day battery life, is just what you need

EZVIZ BC1 Battery-Powered Camera Kit
(Image credit: EZVIZ)

With offices, hairdressers and, most importantly, pubs, now reopening, you will be spending a lot less time at home, and, as such, now is the perfect time to upgrade your security system. A new security camera will at the very least help track down a burglar, or at best, prevent a break-in altogether.

We think the perfect addition to your home security set-up is the EZVIZ BC1 Camera Kit. Not only is it a 1080p camera that seamlessly fits in with the rest of EZVIZ’s home security system, but it’s completely wire-free camera and features the longest battery life in the industry, lasting up to one year in between charges thanks to a mammoth 12900mAh battery!

That means it’s easy to fix to your wall, with no elaborate, professional installation needed. It also means you can place it wherever you want, and doesn’t rely on a power source being nearby.

Best of all, going wire-free doesn’t equal a lesser experience – you’ll get equivalent (or even better, in some cases) features when compared to the hardwired security cameras.

For example, the BC1 camera is capable of color night vision thanks to two built-in spotlights. This means videos are rendered in vivid color, even if it’s pitch-black outside. This allows you to see crucial details, such as the colour of an intruder’s clothing, that would otherwise be lost. 

You also get accurate human motion detection. EZVIZ uses a person-shape detection algorithm, along with the PIR sensor, to tell the difference between people from other moving objects. This ultimately means you’ll stop getting those annoying unwanted notifications every time the neighbour's cat runs across your lawn or a tree gets blown by the wind.

If that wasn’t enough, the BC1 camera also features customizable voice alerts and two-way talk. 

The former allows you to create custom voice messages. So, for example, if an unexpected visitor turns up in your garden while you're on holiday the camera can automatically shout, “Get out of my garden you rascal!” Or, if you are expecting a delivery but know you’re going to be out, your custom message could say, “Hello, I’m not around right now, please leave my package at the back gate.”

The latter is a little more simple, allowing you to hear what’s going on and chat with your visitors. This is done with a simple tap in the EZVIZ app.

And finally (on the feature front at least) you can set specific time frames for detection in the EZVIZ app. To conserve battery life you might want to un-arm it during the day when you’re home, and arm it at night when you’re asleep. When armed, if the BC1 camera detects a person-shape, it will automatically set off a siren and flash two spotlights to let them know they have been detected.

It’s image quality that is the bread and butter of smart security cameras though, and the EZVIZ excels here as well. The BC1 camera records crisp 1080p video which enables you to zoom into images by up to 8x without distorting important features. That means you can pick up clear shots of people’s faces, or other identifying features. 

The video can be stored on a 256 GB MicroSD inserted in the integrated card slot, locally on the Base Station, or uploaded to the EZVIZ CloudPlay. Having the security footage stored in multiple places will give you extra peace of mind, as it means it’s less likely to be tampered with or deleted.

Now, as we mentioned, the BC1 camera is battery-powered and wire-free, but it connects to the EZVIZ Base Station (included in the Camera Kit) that, in turn, needs to be connected to your WiFi router. This ensures a consistent connection at all times and allows the BC1 camera to achieve that ultra-long 365-day battery life. You can also connect up to four BC1 Add-on cameras to your Base Station.

Ultimately, the BC1 Camera Kit offers a unique combination of features at an unbelievable price – high-quality video, smart security features, and the longest battery life of any smart security camera out there. If you’re going to be spending less time at home in the coming months (who can blame you) then you’ll want the EZVIZ BC1 Camera Kit keeping an eye on the place while you’re gone.

The BC1 B2 Kit, which includes two cameras and a base station, can be purchased from Currys, Amazon and more, and has a recommended retail price of £299.99. 

If you need more cameras (or fewer), other bundle formats are available, including the option to purchase single add-on cameras.


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