TomTom aims to replace Google Maps with a raft of new updates

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto user? Then read this!

TomTom Google Maps Rival
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TomTom, one of the OG mapping services, is updating its GO Navigation app so it can better take on the plucky young upstarts such as Google Maps and Apple Maps. TomTom Go Navigation features premium features such as offline maps, live traffic and weekly map updates, and is updated with new features all the time.

The most recent version, 2.6, is a big update for CarPlay users, as it includes tweaks to improve the experience when the app is running on large screens inside your car.

The official changelog, reported on by AutoEvolution, for the app states that GO Navigation now displays Route Preview and Route Alternatives, making it easier for users to get a quick look at the route suggested by the app as well as other alternatives.

TomTom has also added the limited release of My Routes sync with MyDrive in version 2.6, while also bringing improvements for the subscription menu and other bug fixes and refinements for the app.

This is all great news for existing TomTom Go Navigation users and could be enough to tempt users away from Google Maps.

TomTom GO Navigation itself has been around on Apple CarPlay since June 2019, with the navigation brand constantly working on refining the experience in the car, adding new features such as text search, a mute button, a current speed indicator, speed camera, and traffic warnings, and not a long time ago, support for the CarPlay dashboard.

TomTom has also just announced that GO Navigation is available on Android Auto. This means that drivers with Android smartphones are now able to project and interact with TomTom GO Navigation on their vehicle’s infotainment screen.

It is one of the first navigation apps to be available on Android Auto, and comes complete with moving lane guidance, which helps drivers navigate intersections by indicating which lane is best, and what exit to take. 

You can also download detailed 3D maps within the app and use the navigation app abroad where roaming costs may be high, and the app is advertisement-free, and does not monetize users’ personal data in any way. 

TomTom GO Navigation offers a 30-day free trial, no strings attached, and subsequently, users can subscribe to auto-renewing plans priced at £12.99 per year, £8.99 per six months, or £1.99 per month.

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