Tinder goes hands free on Apple Watch - just a heart beat required

Could your beating heart lead you to love?

A new app for the Apple Watch will help you find love on dating service Tinder by using the wearable's heart-rate monitor to determine whose profiles get your pulse racing.

Usually Tinder shows you profiles of people who are located near you and who share the same interests as you, letting you swipe right to like a potential match or swipe left to continue looking.

Its simplicity has made Tinder a hit worldwide, but if the process of swiping through potential partners is too much like hard work, a new third party app for the Apple Watch will automatically like or dismiss profiles by gauging your heart rate.

So, if you see a profile picture that gets your heart beating faster, it will mark the profile as a match, but if it decreases it will dismiss the photo... and possibly alert some medics as well.

The app is made by developers T3 (no relation - honest), and goes by the name "Hands Free Tinder", which we have to admit has slightly creepy connotations.

It's an interesting way to interact with the dating app, so could our hearts help lead us to the perfect match? Watch the video below for more info.