This Samsung Galaxy S10 spec could kill the iPhone and maybe the Mac too

Speed beyond even some of the best laptops, on a phone

Samsung Galaxy S10 concept

The Samsung Galaxy S10 could push the boundaries of what we thought was possible for phones to reach, which may leave the iPhone and even laptops lagging behind.

A new report, from Hong Kong's GF Securities, claims that the Galaxy S10 will come sporting a staggering 12GB of RAM. Yup, that's more than any other phone and more than most laptops even manage to offer.

This huge jump in RAM will mean super speeds like never before. This is likely a way to enable high-speed processing of the huge amounts of data that 5G will make the handset capable of receiving. 

On top of this the RAM could also be a way to future-proof the handset. This will allow it to be used in a headset for high-intensity virtual and augmented reality experiences.

That's not all though. The source also claims storage will be increased to a massive 1TB of memory. This is, effectively, putting a powerful computer right in the pocket and could do away with the need to carry a separate laptop, in the near future.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 early in 2019.