This is next level entertainment

Feast your eyes and surprise your wallet with these stunning Samsung special offers

You have never experienced TV like this. The Samsung KS9000 (opens in new tab) introduces a new generation of Ultra HD, delivering more than a billion colours and the best picture quality you’ve ever seen. This is what other UHD TVs want to be when they grow up.

Changing the way you see Ultra HD 

The KS9000 (opens in new tab) features Samsung’s Quantum dot technology, delivering the ultimate UHD premium viewing experience with a resolution four times that of full HD. It has many more colours than alternative UHD TVs, boasting over one billion colours; that’s 64 times more than other UHD TVs can produce. 

With full HDR 1,000, a picture quality index of 2,400 and up to 1,000 nits of brightness, the KS9000 (opens in new tab) gives you the most beautiful brights, the deepest shadows and the most vivid colours. And Samsung’s Ultra Black technology means you can get all that vibrant colour and detail without having to close the curtains or kill the lights. The curved, distortion-free and bezel-free screen massively reduces ambient light reflection and puts you in the middle of the action like never before, with Samsung’s unique Auto Depth Enhancer adding layers of contrast to the background, midground, foreground and objects to make the image appear even deeper and reduce eye strain.  

That’s not all. The KS9000 (opens in new tab) has a technology called Supreme UHD Dimming, which divides the display into hundreds of individual zones. It then analyses each one independently, adjusting the colour, brightness and sharpness to deliver the most accurate colour and shadow detail possible. The KS9000 (opens in new tab)doesn’t just raise the bar. It changes the game. 

An extraordinary offer 

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that the KS9000 (opens in new tab) sounds amazing, but you don’t have any HDR UHD devices to connect to it.  

What if we told you that you could also get a complimentary Ultra HD Blu-Ray player for free?We’re not kidding. Currys PC World (opens in new tab) is bundling the superb UBD-K8500 (opens in new tab) Ultra HD Blu-Ray player with every purchase of series 8 and series 9 Samsung TVs. And they’re giving you some great 4K Ultra HD Premium certified movies too: The Martian, The Revenant and Independence Day. The Blu-Ray player is as impressive as the TV. It’s Samsung’s first Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player, with HDR and Samsung’s Cinema Colour Technology and 10-bit colour processing delivering the brightness and colour accuracy you need for picture-perfect viewing.  

The smartest TV on the planet 

The KS9000 (opens in new tab)has Samsung’s award-winning Smart Hub, which enables you to access entertainment content without disturbing the main event and to get content from all kinds of sources including UHD box sets from your favourite streaming services. That means it’s one of the smartest TVs on the planet, with your favourite content never more than three clicks away - and that content isn’t passive entertainment. There’s an entire catalogue of games available via the cloud.  

The KS9000 (opens in new tab) has friends in high places too. Samsung’s Quantum dot displays are the reference for Hollywood studios: when a movie is mastered for Ultra HD, it’s mastered on Samsung screens. That means that the only way to get closer to the directors’ vision is to climb inside their heads. 

A design for life 

The KS9000 (opens in new tab) looks stunning even when it isn’t on. Samsung has given as much thought to the outside of the KS9000 (opens in new tab) as the inside. The design team wanted the KS9000 (opens in new tab) to impress from every angle and to look good in every kind of living space. They eliminated the unnecessary and refined every detail, combining form and function in a stunningly clean minimalist design that works in any environment. And neat cable management solutions mean there’s no more Spaghetti Junction of tangled cables behind your TV, either.  

The next generation of UHD TV 

If you think you’ve experienced Ultra HD, think again. Samsung’s new generation of 4K HDR UHD TVs are the pinnacle of TV technology, delivering unprecedented, lifelike pictures with unrivalled precision, unmatched colour, contrast and sharpness. This is what your eyes have been waiting for - and with Currys PC World (opens in new tab) offering a complimentary HDR UHD Blu-Ray player with every Series 8 or Series 9 UHD TV, it’s what your wallet has been waiting for too. To find out more, check out (opens in new tab)  now. is one of the UK's leading consumer lifestyle websites, visited by over 10 million people every month. You can follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. We present products in helpful buying guides and carefully curated deals posts across style, living, auto, smart home, watches, travel, fitness and more. We also have a monthly magazine which you can buy in newsagents or subscribe to online (opens in new tab) – print and digital versions available.