The new OnePlus X will launch October 29

An event in London is set to show the new phone off to the world.

OnePlus previously confirmed it would release another phone before the end of the year, and it looks like that will be the OnePlus X. A new event in London has been teased to show off the new phone to the world for the first time.

It's the first time OnePlus has done a physical event for a phone launch – the OnePlus 2was announced via a virtual reality event earlier this year, so that doesn't really count.

Rumours of the OnePlus X have been doing the rounds for the last few weeks but it may turn out to be the same phone as the OnePlus Mini. Spec leaks for the OnePlus Mini suggest it'll come with a dual rear camera, fingerprint sensor and a 5-inch screen.

Lucky London

That'd make it slightly smaller than the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2, both of which have 5.5-inch displays.

A OnePlus spokesperson told us "we will be launching our next phone in London on October 29". There was no confirmation of the name but we can expect it to feature an X somewhere thanks to the logo found in the teaser image.

We'll be live at the event on October 29 so be sure to head back here for the latest news and hopefully a hands-on review of the phone.