The easy way to get super-fast Wi-Fi in every corner of your home

Banish deadspots and get super-speedy Wi-Fi that won’t let you down

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi
(Image credit: BT)

Over the last year many of us have been using our home Wi-Fi for almost everything. We’ve caught up with friends and family over Zoom, sent the kids to virtual lessons in Teams, spoken to the boss on Skype and kicked back with TV boxsets and blockbuster games in our free time. And for some of us, that’s been really annoying because our home Wi-Fi simply wasn’t made to do all those things.

Is your Wi-Fi letting you down?

Doing so much online really exposes the weaknesses in many home Wi-Fi setups: the deadspots where the signal doesn’t quite stretch, the games that don’t run fast enough when other family members are connected, the streaming movies that buffer and stutter on your screen just as you get to the exciting bits. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your Wi-Fi could deliver super-fast speeds to every corner of your home? That’s what BT Whole Home Wi-Fi delivers. Whether you’re working from home, wanting to stay in touch with loved ones or home schooling, it gives you everything you need to stay connected. It doesn’t matter whether your family members are gaming in the living room, streaming TV in the bedroom and working in the study at the same time: Whole Home Wi-Fi delivers the speeds you need wherever and whenever you need them – and it works with all broadband providers.

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

(Image credit: BT)

The easy way to get super-fast speeds

Whole Home Wi-Fi is really simple to set up and easy to use. Just choose how many Whole Home Wi-Fi discs you need – 2 for a small home, three for a medium one or 4 for a really big home – and BT’s intelligent app will tell you the best place to put them for the strongest signal and fastest speeds. You can also position a disc near an external wall to extend your network to a balcony or garden, and you can extend your network at any time by adding more discs. 

The discs connect to each other to deliver fast Wi-Fi to every corner of your home, and because they use the latest, fastest, high capacity Wi-Fi standards you won’t experience slow-downs when other devices connect. That’s particularly good news for video, and for online gaming where your connection speed can literally mean the difference between life and death for your character.

BT Whole Home app allows you to manage your wireless connection easily from a phone or tablet

(Image credit: BT)

Amazing tech made simple

There are different types of Whole Home Wi-Fi. The standard version uses dual-band AC2600 Wi-Fi technology to push super-fast Wi-Fi to every part of your home. It’s ideal for several users and includes tools that show you who’s online, enables you to pause the Internet completely at dinnertime or bedtime and gives you parental controls so you can set different levels of access for different members of the family. You can also set up a secure guest network for friends or family to use when they visit.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, there’s an even faster version that’s brilliant for really large households and for really demanding users such as 4K gamers and box set bingers. Its Wi-Fi tech is even faster – it’s Tri-band AX3700 – and comes with the same superb parental controls and family-friendly features for a happy household.

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi Premium

(Image credit: BT)

Perfect for your home today and tomorrow

BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi is a brilliant solution to the problem of wonky Wi-Fi, and because it’s fully expandable and based on the very latest Wi-Fi standards, it’s future-proof too. You can take it with you if you move to another home, and if you’re trading up it’s easy to add more discs to reach every corner of your home. And best of all, it’s affordable too.

BT has created a website that you can use to discover which Whole Home Wi-Fi setup would be best for your home. Once you’ve done that you can explore the Whole Home Wi-Fi range online here.

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