Tattoos, blenders, and no third-party watch faces: the day in Apple Watch news

Update: Apple confirms tats can cause issues, offers up solution

The Apple Watch has been on sale for less than a week, but still the internet groans under the weight of news regarding it. After we saw the face of the Apple Watch Sport shatter into a thousand pieces when dropped, and then heard it was the best display of all Apple Watch models – the others have too much glare – comes bad news for those with sleeve tattoos.

Update - 1/5/2015:

Apple has admitted that tats can cause the HR sensor to throw up some unusual readings, though its solution is hardly going to impress sleeve toting Watch owners. "If you're not able to get a consistent reading because of any of these factors, you can connect your Apple Watch wirelessly to external heart rate monitors such as Bluetooth chest straps,"

says a page on Apple's support site


Now, how much to get this thing lasered off?

Original story: It seems their ink plays merry hell with the device's functions, making it think it's been taken off when it hasn't, and giving wildly inaccurate heart rate readings. This is because of the way the device reads your heart rate. It shines a light through your skin and bases its reading on the regularity of when the light is reflected. Covering your wrist in tats interferes with the reflections and makes the reading go way off.

This problem isn't specific to the Apple Watch – most smartwatches and smartbands (with the exception of the Jawbone UP3) read your heart rate the same way. It's just no one cared before the Apple Watch.

Tats also make the device think it's been taken off, meaning you'll have to enter your PIN code every time you want to use it for anything other than telling the time. Not exactly convenient.

Have you ever wondered whether the Apple Watch will blend? Those crazy cats over at Blendtec have, and went about finding out the only way they know how. The result: yes, but it takes a while.

Finally, Apple has barred third-party watch faces apps from the App Store. Instead, you're stuck with the firm's 10 preset ones. Hope you like them, because that's all the choice you've got. What was that about it being Apple's most personal device ever?