T3 Quick Hit: Capture footage as deep as 60m with the GoPro Hero5 Super Suit

With this extra-waterproof case, your favourite action cam can record video at incredible depths

We love GoPro accessories here at T3 Towers - just check out latest roundup below to see just how mad we are for action cam peripherals - so when we heard there was going to be an officially licensed case that enables us to capture footage at even deeper depths, we started to get very excited.

The new Super Suit for the GoPro Hero5 upgrades the already stellar bit of camera kit into an underwater photographer’s best friend. Providing what GoPro calls ‘Über Protection’, this special housing ensures the Hero5 can now work as deep as 196ft (60m).

This being a GoPro accessory, the Super Suit has been designed to support plenty of customisation. It comes with two Waterproof Backdoors which can be used with Floaty (GoPro’s own easy-to-attach flotation piece), and also includes one Skeleton Backdoor for improved audio capture.

GoPro does advise that the Hero5 Black’s cover lens must be removed before camera is put into the housing (just to ensure it fits inside the Super Suit properly - this is a waterproof setup, after all). However, there’s no need to worry about your footage appearing blurry or distorted when Super Suited up. Its flat glass lens on the housing delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water.

So whether you’re a deep sea diver wanting to capture your underwater adventures, or an ocean photographer who wants one of the best action cam’s on the market to function at more extreme depths, then the Super Suit for the GoPro Hero5 Black is just for you. You can pick one up today for only £49.99 direct from GoPro’s official online store.