How the Yoga 900 bends over backwards for you

Lenovo’s versatile laptop has style, raw power and oodles of class.

People were less fussy about what laptop they used 10 years ago. If it ran your favourite programs and didn't give you backache when carried in a rucksack, it was likely worth considering. The situation today couldn't be more different. Your laptop can say just as much about you as the car on your drive, or the shoes on your feet. Choosing the right one can not only bring out your personality – it can set you on a path to becoming more productive, entertained and ready for anything.

Recognisably different, the Lenovo Yoga 900 once again puts the “personal” into “personal computer”. A supercharged follow-up to the impressive Yoga 3 Pro, the first laptop to feature Intel's Core M processor, the Yoga 900 is more stylish, much more powerful and bursting with flavour for anyone with expensive taste.

Lenovo has improved the watchband-style hinge on last year's Yoga 3 Pro to make the one on the Yoga 900 even more attractive, while also being super-sturdy. Featuring craftsmanship a jeweller would be proud of, the hinge is made up of more than 800 intricately woven, individual pieces of steel that glint in the light and clink like an expensive timepiece. Whether you're looking for a computer to match your cufflinks or simply prefer to stand out from the crowd, the Yoga 900's unique design is a rare break from the sea of black plastic seen on rival machines.

Aside from making a fashion statement, the hinge allows the Yoga 900's display to smoothly rotate 360-degrees into four different usage modes – laptop, stand, tent and tablet. Folding it all the way back turns it into a spacious tablet that you can use to browse websites by touching the display, read eBooks or flip it around to show something off to a colleague. Rotating the display into tent mode lets you stand the Yoga 900 up in confined spaces without the keyboard getting in the way, making it ideal for using on trains, placing high up on a shelf or positioning on the side of a kitchen worktop for following instructional cooking videos.

The Yoga 900's versatility is helped by its svelte dimensions. Measuring just 14.9mm thin, it's the world's lightest convertible to feature Intel's Core-I processor under the hood. The sixth-generation CPU inside is the newest out there, and a multi-tasking monster that's capable of running a number of demanding applications side-by-side, and even some light gaming. It's helped along by up to 16GB of RAM, Intel HD 520 graphics and up to a 512GB SSD for storage. Whichever configuration you opt for, at just 1.29kg, there's no chance of the Yoga 900's weight weighing you down.

Whether you're using the Yoga 900 like a laptop, tablet, or standing it upright for watching TV or movies, its 13.3-inch QHD+ display dazzles thanks to its roomy 3,200 x 1,800 pixel-resolution. The IPS display's wide viewing angles make it ideal for Netflix marathons with friends, and anything you do watch pops out of the screen thanks to its vibrant colours. Sound too is impressive thanks to the Yoga 900's JBL stereo speakers, which are enhanced with Dolby Audio Premium surround sound.

The Yoga 900 has been designed for use anywhere at any time, and that's only possible with a big battery. Lenovo increased the laptop's battery capacity (compared to the Yoga 3 Pro) by 50%, making all-day battery life and working away from a mains socket a reality.

Lenovo's latest laptop is as unique as you are, and equipped to handle any task you throw at it. Whether you're looking for a powerful laptop that doubles into a large, lightweight tablet, something that converts into a free-standing television for streaming video, or even just a sassy spreadsheet machine, the Yoga 900 can do it all in its recognisably inimitable style.

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