Samsung's best soundbars for 2023 are now on sale in the UK

Samsung's Q-Series soundbars are designed for any TV and any budget. How do you improve on a five-star soundbar?

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Samsung makes some of the best soundbars you can buy, and they're particularly good partners for the best Samsung TVs. The best of the range are the Q-Series models, which are available in a range of sizes up to and including the 22-speaker HW-Q990C, and now they're on sale in the UK.

The Q means that these soundbars have Samsung's Q-Symphony system, which plays sound from the TV and the soundbar simultaneously to give you a better surround sound experience. We've tested tons of Q-Symphony soundbars and the tech is genuinely impressive, especially if you don't have the budget, space or understanding neighbours for a giant speaker system and one of the best AV receivers.

There are six models in all. Here's what you can expect to pay.

Samsung Q-Series soundbars 2023: how much do they cost?

The models and prices are:

  • HW-Q990C (11.1.4 channels, 22 speakers) – £1,599
  • HW-Q930C (9.1.4 channels, 17 speakers) – £1,149
  • HW-Q800C (5.1.2 channels, 11 speakers) - £849
  • HW-Q700C (3.1.2 channels, 9 speakers) - £749
  • HW-Q600C (3.1.2 channels, 9 speakers) - £tbc
  • HW-Q60C (3.1 channels, 7 speakers) - £tbc

Not all of Samsung's most advanced features are available in every soundbar, though. Built-in Alexa and Wi-Fi streaming is limited to the Q990C, Q930C and Q800C, and it's the same story with the SpaceFit Sound Pro, which calibrates the sound to deliver the best possible performance in the space you've put it in. However, these are all Dolby Atmos / DTS soundbars with external subwoofers, although with the most affordable models the Dolby Atmos and DTS is virtualised rather than delivered via dedicated upwards-firing speakers.

We're expecting great things from these soundbars. The premium HW-Q990B won our covered Platinum Award as well as a gong in the T3 Awards 2022, and as we said in our HW-Q990B review it delivers "a combination of power, detail, dynamics and full surround sound cohesion with movie soundtracks that no rival we’ve seen to date can match." Our expert reviewers are already warming up their ears to bring you their verdict on the 2023 versions.

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