Samsung Galaxy S10 screen gets revealed in official documents

Samsung is going all out on the notch options for 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 leak
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is due to arrive in 2019 with lots of screen variants, if rumours and teases prove accurate. Now a new official document has leaked revealing more about that display. 

The new leak recently sprung and was promptly spotted by the ever reliable LetsGoDigital. Specifically there were patent documents which Samsung filed for a selection of new screen types, each with different types of notch displays.

Samsung Galaxy S10 display tease

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Samsung, at its annual Developer Conference, teased that it would be bringing new screens soon. This showed us the names Infinity–V, Infinity–U, Infinity–O and New Infinity. 

Since then Samsung has released its new Galaxy A8 smartphone with the Infinity–O, which features a front-facing camera in the top right of the display while the rest is near bezel-free.

The newly revealed patents show off six different notch variants, as shown above. Each one shows different options with the front-facing camera moving varying degrees in and partially out of the top of the screen. 

This is likely an early patent and may tease future display options. What is rather worrying is a lack of option showing a camera behind the display. Will be see a true all screen display in the Galaxy S10? We'll have to wait until early 2019 to officially find out.