Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Fold 2, Watch 2 and more have a release date!

A slate of new devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, will arrive on August 5, says new leak

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was tipped to arrive in either July or August for a while. Although plenty of Samsung's contemporaries, such as Apple, have postponed launches, streams and other events due to coronavirus-related supply chain issues, the virus has never seemed to be a problem for the Korean smartphone manufacturer. 

All sources have said Samsung will launch the Note 20, and perhaps also the Galaxy Fold 2, as planned this summer.

Now, at least, we finally have a date. Samsung's latest stream event, titled Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, is said to air on August 5 thanks to information from trusted leakster IceUniverse. Revealed via the leaker's Weibo account and spotted by PhoneArena, Ice has been extremely reliable in the past, and claims we'll be seeing more than just two handsets.

Ice stated in the post we might see a smorgasbord of new devices, from the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to the Fold 2 and even devices such as the Galaxy Watch 2, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+, and a Z Flip 5G model.

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IceUniverse has brought us loads of Samsung leaks in the past, and is among some of tech leaking's most trusted names. 

It's very interesting to note IceUniverse uses the Note 20 Ultra moniker, rather than the Note 20 Plus: only this week we've seen the existence of the Note 20 Ultra name in certifications, with separate model numbers for the Plus and Ultra suggesting they are actually different handsets and not interchangeable names.

The Note series could follow the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, naming its models the baseline Note 20, the Note 20 Plus and the Note 20 Ultra. Last year's Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus came in both 4G and an upgraded 5G model, so there's already a precedent set for having more than two iterations of Note phone in a range.

What shape will the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 take?

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The Fold 2 has been rumoured to launch alongside the Note range for a while, but we're very excited at the prospect of finally seeing the Galaxy Watch 2. 

Traces of the surprise new wearable appeared online last month, so very little is known about what Samsung might have in store for its next generation of smartwatches. 

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