OnePlus is looking to take on Samsung S10 with a cheap 5G phone boasting a powerful new camera

This could be the future of the affordable high-end

OnePlus 5G leak

One of the many weapons in the arsenal of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to be 5G connectivity, but OnePlus is not about to stand back and let its Korean rival dominate the 5G phone market. We already know the new OnePlus 7 is due next year, but we may get a 5G phone from OnePlus even sooner, in the form of a OnePlus 5G smartphone, which has just leaked with a snazzy new camera setup.

This is likely to be a more affordable phone than the S10 which, if the most recent leaks and rumours are to be believed, will have a HUGE screen and much faster wireless charging.

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A new photo has been shared on the Twittersphere which shows off OnePlus CEO Pete Lau with a new OnePlus smartphone thought to be the 5G handset. Judging by the scenario this is a deliberate leak. That or someone has been fired.

Aside from the 5G, which has already been officially teased as incoming, there is a new camera setup on this phone. While this is likely an early stage design or concept, it's interesting to see OnePlus plans to change the camera setup on the rear.

This photo shows a phone with a large, round and protruding camera setup. This suggests that we could be in for a super powerful multi-lens camera which takes on the likes of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Since OnePlus has announced the 5G handset would get revealed in early 2019 and would not be along the usual lines of its phone, that explains the new camera system. Exactly how that camera will be different from current offerings is not clear. 

But with 5G speeds to support the snapper, we'd imagine it's backed by some very powerful innards which are capable of augmented reality. 

Expect to hear more in early 2019, likely at CES in January or MWC in February.