Oculus Quest 2 gets great free video upgrade

If you are frustrated over video recording on the Quest 2, Meta has answered your prayers

Oculus Quest 2
(Image credit: Meta)

Oculus Quest 2 (or should we say Meta Quest 2) is easily one of the best VR headsets out there – except if you want to record video. 

But that's about to change, according to a Meta project manager on Twitter

Replying to a comment about creators lacking a good way of recording and streaming content from the headset (a pretty big deal on a gaming device), Quest 2 users will only have to wait until April or May at the latest. 

At present, those looking to stream the best VR games are limited to 1:1 resolution (ideal for mobile, less so for Twitch) and 30fps. 

While that might seem like a long wait, it's nice to know that Meta is seriously considering the features and accepting feedback from Quest users. 

Of course, the exact features – and how useful they'll be – haven't been disclosed, but fingers crossed for any budding VR streamers. 

The next phase of streaming

If we accept for a moment that VR is going to his the mainstream, then being able to stream and record inside the games is pretty essential. 

As outlined by TechRadar, the process for recording in 16:9 on the Quest 2 is painful to say the least. Link the Quest 2 to a PC, use a third-party app, pray... 

It's not ideal and seems like a major oversight for Meta, given their huge push for the "metaverse" and VR in general. There might be good technical reasons (eg, the Quest 2's displays are closer to 1:1) but building the feature anyway makes sense. 

Given Meta is spending $10 billion per year on developing the metaverse, it doesn't seem beyond hope that they can figure out a good solution.

Max Slater-Robins

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