Never mind the Apple Pencil: here's a fountain pen for your iPad

Now that's what we call a stylish stylus

Adonit Star tablet stylus
(Image credit: Adonit)

With the Apple Pencil reportedly getting a big hardware upgrade in the near future, it's likely to remain the best stylus for iPad artists and illustrators. But what about those of us who don't need its drawing-focused features and would rather have something a little more interesting-looking? Enter Adonit with the Star, a $49 fountain pen made specifically for tablets.

As you can see, it looks like the sort of thing you'd wield in a boardroom – ideally while chomping on a huge Cuban cigar. Adonit says it's designed for "e-signing and business professionals", and while it looks seriously old-school it's a very modern device.

No Bluetooth, no problem

The Adonit Star is designed to work with the iPad Air (3/4/5), iPad mini (5/6), iPad (6/7/8/9/10), iPad Pro 11” (1/2/3/4), iPad Pro 12.9” (3/4/5/6) and later models, and it promises up to 11 hours of use between charges. You can also use it while it charges via USB-C.

I haven't tried this particular model yet but I've used a number of Adonit styluses in the past and found them comfortable, accurate and precise. If you're looking for a drawing stylus then this isn't the version for you – it's clearly very focused on signatures and scribbled handwriting – but if you fancy something that looks a bit different to, and which is harder to lose than, Apple's pricey Pencil then it's definitely one to consider.

Carrie Marshall

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