Meerkat app: watch live GoPro streams

Live stream your adventure from surf to snow

Meerkat has introduced a brand new feature for iOS where you can watch live streams from a connected GoPro camera. That means you can see your friends snowboarding down the slopes or even jumping over obstacles on your BMX.

Meerkat looks like it might have one up on Twitter-backed Periscope. Both apps aim to deliver live video from someone else straight to your eyes, however Meerkat's new GoPro integration feature means that seeing your friend's live stream will be more action packed and crystal clear than ever before.

The process of connecting your GoPro to your iPhone is ridiculously simple. After you've connected your iOS device via Wi-Fi, you open the Meerkat app on your phone, give it a good shake and your up and running. You can live stream your adventure from pretty much anywhere whether your bungee jumping out of a plane or surfing the waves, as long as your GoPro camera is within connection of your mobile device.

The only thing that Periscope currently has over Meerkat is that you can archive previous broadcasts, so that hilarious failed stunt your mate just pulled will be able to be replayed over and over. If Meerkat adopts this, and included intergration to Android it will blow the other live streaming competition out of the water.

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