Lonely Apple Watch owners are looking for the perfect beat

Much-hyped feature proves actually quite popular

When Tim Cook took to the stage to show off the Apple Watch, he made a big deal of the device's heart beat function. This let you send someone your heart beat. Now it turns out a lot of Apple Watch owners are keen to try the feature for themselves, but have no one to send their heart's flutterings to. Altogether now: Ahhh.

Of course, they've taken to Reddit to find friends. As reported by Wired, the subreddit is called: R/lonelyheartbeats.

But there's a less heartwarming side to this. Because as well as sending your heart beat, you can send someone a tap to let them know you're thinking about them, or send them a picture you've drawn with your finger. And what's the most popular of this last category? You guessed it: dick pictures are "the norm" according to redditor 'nooshaw'.

Indeed, redditor 'ifauve' put out a message requesting friends using the line: "Please add me (I draw very few dicks!)" It's telling that even those who seem against this sort of juvenilia still take part. And it raises the question: what constitutes "very few"? Four a day?

It might also help explain why these people are struggling to find someone to send things to.

The Apple Watch started shipping on April 24, though all models were sold out, so people all over the world are currently awaiting theirs. It's rumoured to have sold around a million on the first day alone, which is more than every Android Wear device so far combined. Apple hasn't shared any official sales figures yet, so we only have estimates to go on.

More stock is expected soon, so let's hope these lonely Apple Watch owners aren't left on their tod for much longer.