LG OLED TV offers a totally new experience that LCD TV never gave

Beautiful images from an ultra thin and light display – it’s a TV revolution

LG has put the wow back into television with its revolutionary OLED TVs. Led by the flagship 4K UHD EF950, LG OLED delivers something never seen before: pitch perfect blacks with perfect colour. The result is an entirely new category of TV.

LG OLED screens are available in both HD and Ultra HD 4K resolution, and in screen sizes of 55-, 65- and 77-inches. While the displays may be impressively large, the OLED panels themselves are ultra-thin and light. Because there is no backlight or associated optical diffusers and filters, an LG OLED TV can be up to 80 per cent thinner than an LCD TV as well as 30 per cent lighter. And with a wide (45 degree) viewing angle, there's virtually no loss of colour or contrast if you sit to the side.

Thanks to individually addressable self-illuminating pixels, LG OLED can produce images of astonishing contrast. From absolute black to peak whites, OLED picture quality has a depth that LCD TVs just can't match. To see just how important perfect black and high contrast is to an image, watch LG Electronics video Colorful Sensation in Black.

Picture the night sky. If you live in a city, it's quite possible you don't know just how dark it should be. The graphics below are intended to show the effects of light pollution. On the left side, we can easily see how city lights can make it harder to see the stars in the night sky. On the right, we can see that LG OLED TV is most similar to a night sky free of light pollution. An image of bright dots on a black background looks far more crisp and clear on an LG OLED TV, while it is rendered blurry and less visible on an LCD TV.

OLED also solves the problem of motion blur. A common problem with LCDs is that detail can blur with rapidly moving objects because of light refraction caused by liquid crystal and optical sheets. As OLED is a solid state emissive device, it has a very fast response time of just 0.1ms. This is a thousand times faster than LCD. As a consequence, there's no more image blur with fast moving objects.

The EF950 OLED, and EG960V by firmware update, are also HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible. HDR technology is set to revolutionise TV, offering hitherto unseen light/dark gradations and colour depth. LG OLED is ready and waiting.

Digital Mate rated the flagship OLED TV as unquestionably the best performing TV it had tested, with absolutely beautiful picture quality across the board.

LG OLED TV offers a viewing experience that LCD never gave. Welcome to the future of television.

For more information, visit the LG website.

Steve May

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