Klipsch Heritage Inspired wireless speakers look as good as they sound

Classic, retro styling meets big, beautiful sound and modern streaming tech

Klipsch Heritage Inspired

Looking to upgrade your home music system? You can’t do much better than these Heritage Inspired range of wireless speakers from American audio giant Klipsch. With three models to choose between, from a portable Bluetooth speaker to a pair of room-filling, stereo wireless ones, there’s a Heritage Inspired speaker for every setting. 

Heritage Inspired is all about lifestyle-enhancing, retro-chic styling and premium build quality, at affordable prices – you really do get a hell of a lot for your money, here. Beautiful real wood veneers and switches and knobs made of tactile spun copper are the visual trademarks of the Heritage series, while its audio calling card is a big, beaty, room-filling sound. 

As a result the Heritage Inspired boom boxes are easy to setup and use, sound fantastic – they all feature true stereo, rather than the mono sound used in many wireless speakers – and look great wherever you place them, whether your decor is modern or vintage.

Your Heritage Inspired choices are the One, the Three and the T3 Platinum Award-winning The Sixes…

The One

A compact Bluetooth speaker with room-filling sound

A classic Bluetooth one-box, battery-powered speaker, The One has carefully tuned stereo sound, giving excellent sonic performance from a compact speaker – there’s 30 Watts of power and a 103dB maximum output packed into this thing. The One can be placed anywhere, or taken with you wherever you may roam, thanks to an 8-hour battery. As well as Bluetooth there’s a 3.5mm audio input.

• £300, available from Henley Audio 

The Three

More connectivity, more bass, same beautiful choice of finishes

What happened to two? We don’t know, but the One’s big brother is a seriously impressive upgrade for not much more money. Adding Apt-X Bluetooth for even better sound, Wi-Fi, more power and improved bass response to the sonic arsenal, The Three is great for small to medium sized rooms. As well as a 3.5mm input there’s USB for audio from your laptop or other digital device, and RCA inputs with built-in phono pre-amp for attaching a turntable. The Wi-Fi connection and Klipsch Stream tech enable you to step up to multi-room when you wish.

• £445, available from Henley Audio 

The Sixes

The Sixes: a perfect pair

This is the big boy of the family. Or twin big boys, to be more accurate. A true stereo pair of speakers with built in amplification, The Sixes are more like an updated version of a classic hifi system. The connectivity options here are Bluetooth, RCA with built-in phono stage, so you can plug a turntable straight in, USB, optical digital and a 3.5mm input. There’s also an output for a sub, should you really need to rattle your floorboards. 

The Sixes with their grilles on

The musical performance of this imposing, beautifully styled brace of speakers is far better than standard, one-box wireless speakers. The 6.5-inch woofer on each underpins the crisp treble and mid-range from a 1-inch titanium tweeter on a distinctive, Tractrix horn.

• £800, available from Henley Audio 

Klipsch Heritage Inspired: style and substance, in ebony or walnut

All the Heritage Inspired collection come in a choice of ebony and walnut finishes. In the highly competitive wireless speaker market it’s tough to stand out but Klipsch has pulled it off by concentrating on having a unique and very handsome style, and powerful, driving sound, all great prices.

• Find out more about Heritage Inspired

  • This feature is sponsored by Henley Audio
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