Has the Galaxy S6 just been outed in an app tutorial?

The mystery handset matches previous leaks of Samsung’s upcoming flagship

Another daily dose of Galaxy S6 speculation; this time Samsung's fast-approaching flagship looks to have made an early debut in an app tutorial video.

Like all tech companies, Samsung has dropped some blunders over the years, but for its own sake we hope that the internet has got it wrong this time.

That's because a mystery Samsung handset has shown up in an app tutorial video, resembling what many believe is the upcoming Galaxy S6. The 'How-to set-up' clip, which was posted on YouTube on the SamsungTomorrow channel, describes how to get the My Knox app going on your Samsung handset.

While we obviously can't say for sure that the phone in the video is the Galaxy S6, the previously-unseen handset sure as hell fits the bill. Matching previous leaks and rumours, the phone sports very thin bezels and appears to be half-metal, with the kind of premium build were expecting from the Galaxy S5 sequel.

It's worth noting that this handset features a conventional flat display, which is contrary to yesterday's report that Samsung may introduce a curved screen on the new flagship.

If Samsung has done this accidentally, then it's safe to say someone is getting the sack. Otherwise it will be interesting to see what the phone in question actually is - only time will tell.

Either way the Galaxy S6 is expected to be a confident iPhone 6 rival packing a fresh design and plenty of high-end specs. Features reportedly en route include the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and a 21-megapixel rear camera

We expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to debut at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off March 2.