Google Nexus 6 priced at £499 in the UK

However, there's still no word on when you'll be able to buy it

Google has finally revealed how much money you'll have to hand over to get your hands on the recently revealed Nexus 6.

It's been nearly a month since Google unveiled the Nexus 6; now it has confirmed that it will cost between £499 and £549 to get your hands on one.

Ahead of the Nexus 6 UK launch, Google has updated its Play Store. The 32GB model will set you back £499, while the larger 64GB model will cost £549.

However, while it has given us a price for the Nexus 6, we're still in the dark as to when you'll be able to get your hands on one.

Vodafone is the first network to confirm it will offer the Nexus 6. With networks finally confirming that they'll be stocking the phone, we can't be that far away.

Expect the Nexus 6 UK launch date to be before the end of the month. Don't expect it to be easy to get a hold of though. The Nexus 6 sold out in minutes when it went on sale in the US.

Via: Engadget