Fring iPhone app: 3G video calls on iPhone 4 (with video)

New update pushes skills beyond Wi-Fi

Fring app lets you make video calls using Apple's front-facing camera.

Got an iPhone 4? Hankering after making some video calls beyond the realms of FaceTime and a Wi-Fi hotspot? Then you'd better download Fring for iPhone sharpish.

The VoIP and IM people have just released a new update of their app and it includes two way video calling from the iPhone 4 to other blowers. So what? Well, this also lets you hit up your pals over 3G, turning Apple's front-facing camera from a niche indoor concern into out-and-about winner.

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Fring is keen to stress that the quality is dependent on your 3G coverage, but with Apple saying back at WWDC that it wanted to take its time in rolling FaceTime 3G support out, this is your best bet for iPhone video chat yet.

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Link: Fring