Fancy earning a fortune by racing remote control drones? This boy just did

To the tune of $250,000 at the World Drone Prix in Dubai

Here at T3 we love a good drone - especially when they're perfect for fitting a GoPro to. So our interest was well and truly picqued when we heard there was going to be a World Drone Prix in Dubai. A competition, we might add, that's just been won by a 15-year-old drone racer from Britain who's just bagged himself a cool $250,000.

No really, $250K, just for racing a drone around a track. It might sound like a wind up but drone racing is becoming big business and the World Drone Prix has attracted competitors from around the world to see whose remote control driving skills are the sharpest. Not bad when you consider the total prize pool is $1 million. We think we need a little sit down...

English teenager Luke Bannister of Somerset-based team Tornado X-Blades Banni UKwas the boy that took the top prize, pipping home favourites Dubai Dronetek to the quarter of a million top prize. The competition was all about racing flying drones around a specially designed track, with loops and sharp turns added to test a pilot's reflexes. Each drone has a camera fitted to its front and pilot's control them with VR headsets or bespoke receivers that transmit a live feed from the track.

Oh and when we mentioned drone racing was a big deal, we weren't kidding. The next Drone Worlds' championship race in October will be held in Hawaii with another tasty $250K up for grabs. There's even going to be an Olympics-esque World Future Sport Games next year in Dubai (which, we're told, will include air, track and water based races as well as... drone wrestling?).

Via: World Drone Prix

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