Experience the future of audio design with the Elipson W35 wireless speaker

Proves wireless speakers can be both stylish and powerful

(Image credit: Edouard Nguyen)

Not all wireless speakers are created equal. While wireless technology has added convenience and cross-compatibility to the hi-fi game, in some cases it has lowered the bar of what's expected both sonically and aesthetically. So it's refreshing to see a wireless speaker that doesn't compromise on looks or sound.

An upgrade for the home

(Image credit: Edouard Nguyen)

The first thing that strikes you about the Elipson W35 is the way it looks. Its spherical design reimagines what's possible from home hi-fi, making it equal parts wireless speaker and home interior design statement.

But it doesn't just look good - it catches the ear as well as the eye. The spherical design delivers true omni-directional performance, providing fantastic sound quality regardless of where in the room you're sitting. Now you're always in the best seat in the house.

A central aluminium ring holds the speaker's control keys, while both sides of the sphere are made from ABS covered with an anthracite grey acoustic fabric. The result? Stunning looks combined with superior sound quality.

There are also various accessories for the W35 - the tripod stand comes in dark or light wood, or you can have an aluminium stand. Plus there's a wall bracket in the shape of the famous Planet L. So it should fit in whatever your style.

80 years in the making

(Image credit: Edouard Nguyen)

But it's not all about looks. Elipson has over 80 years of audio expertise that it has poured into the W35. Spherical speakers have been part of the company's line-up almost since it was formed - General de Gaulle's inauguration speech was delivered using the company's speakers - so it knows a thing or two about sound quality.

The W35 is the culmination of this expertise. Delivering 350W of power, it's loud enough to fill even the biggest room with sound, yet sophisticated enough to not compromise on quality. High-resolution streaming comes as standard, and it's compatible with HD streaming platforms like TIDAL, Qobuz and Deezer, bringing you the best-quality digital music around.

Simple to use

(Image credit: Elipson)

Despite this advanced technology, the W35 is an absolute cinch to use.

The controls are housed on the central control panel that splits the sphere in two. One touch of the power button turns it on, and another press switches the audio source. Hold it for three seconds and you'll put the speaker into standby mode. Easy.

You can mute the speaker at any time with one touch of the dedicated button, and a monitoring light lets you see at a glance what mode your speaker is in: whether it's internet connected, muted, in standby mode, or if it's connected to a device over Bluetooth.

Of course, the physical controls are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to operating the W35... 

21st century audio

(Image credit: Edouard Nguyen)

It's a true 21st century speaker. You can control it through the Elipson app on your smartphone or tablet, through which you can connect to your music streaming service of choice. As well as TIDAL, Qobuz and Deezer, it supports Spotify, giving you access to over 30 million tracks courtesy of Spotify Connect.

Don't fancy getting your phone out? No problem. The W35 also supports Amazon's Alexa voice assistant.

And it can fill your whole house with sound. Connect other speakers to it wirelessly over your home wi-fi connection, and you can play the same music in each room, or different tracks to set a specific mood in each. Perfect for house parties.

A companion for the home

(Image credit: Elipson)

Maybe you want a more direct connection from within the same room. Good news – the W35 can do that, too.

Plug it into your flatscreen, and it can act as a TV speaker, making movies and TV shows sound better than ever. AptX Bluetooth allows for a seamless wireless connection from a smartphone or tablet without having to let anyone else onto your wi-fi network, and it comes with wired digital and analogue inputs for plugging in other sources like an MP3 player or games console.

Internet radio is also on board, bringing you access to thousands of stations from all across the globe. So now you can truly listen without compromise.

To find out more about the Elipson W35, click here.


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