Everything ROKFORM phone cases can do that your case can’t

(Image credit: Rokform)

At the very minimum, you should expect your smartphone case to protect your phone from the occasional tumble onto the ground, preventing shattered displays and scuffed up frames. But, there’s so much more a case can do.

You’ll find plenty of cases that are tailored to specific situations. Some plan for the worst with massive frames to protect from falls or to seal out every last drop of water. Others might double as wallets or pack in a battery. Rokform’s smartphone cases offer a meeting point for many use cases, offering up some exciting functionality that you can use in almost any situation.

Protect your phone like no other 

At the fundamental level, Rokform cases offer heavy-duty protection. They’re built with a soft core and hard, Polycarbonate outer shell that help them resist all sorts of threats to your phone. Rokform has built them to pass muster for military drop test standards, which means they’ll stand up to drops from up to 6 feet.

While Rokform’s cases are designed to survive drops, they’re also built with some clever tricks to avoid drops in the first place. That ability stems from a number of case elements Rokform has designed to let its cases do things your typical smartphone case can’t.

Latch your phone magnetically 

(Image credit: Rokform)

Magnets are one of the keys to Rokform cases’ capabilities. Hidden inside the case is a magnet strong enough to latch your phone onto magnetic surfaces. Cooking in the kitchen? Slap your phone onto the fridge for easy viewing of your recipe. Checking your form at the gym? Mount the phone to a nearby weight rack for a good recording angle. Rokform also offers several mounts to give you somewhere to attach your phone in your car for hands-free navigation.

There are plenty of other places where you can mount Rokform cases using their magnets – You’ve just got to use your imagination. But, where a magnet may leave you feeling worried about security, or where there simply isn’t a magnetic surface, Rokform has another option.

Keep your phone steady with the RokLock Twist Lock Mount

(Image credit: Rokform)

Rokform’s cases include a second attachment system called the RokLock Twist Lock Mount. This is a cutout in the rear of the case that lets it slot around Rokform’s various mounts. Once slotted on, you just give it a twist, and your phone is secure. A built-in magnet will keep your phone from twisting its way back out. These mounts can let you snap your phone onto a bike or even motorcycle, so your phone remains readily available and within view even on the roughest of rides.

So, whether you want to casually attach your phone to a metal object or firmly secure it in place for the long haul, Rokform cases are ready. Rokform even provides slotting for a wrist strap or lanyard if you want extra security while holding your phone in your own hand.

Best of all, Rokform’s cases won’t impede your phone's functionality. The cases don’t interfere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell signals, GPS, or the like. So, you can keep doing whatever you want with your phone, and the Rokform case will help keep it safe.


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