Eagle e-scooters have long-range, quick charging, and a premium design – here’s why they're the most exciting new e-scooter brand out there

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A person using an Eagle Electric Scooter
(Image credit: Eagle Scooter)

If you’re looking for the ultimate electric scooter with the longest range on the shortest charge (between four to seven hours) of any e-scooter on the market then let us introduce you to the new range of e-scooters from Eagle. They focus on sustainability and innovation, and could be the perfect mode of transport to get you from A to B.

Eagle is a UK-based electric scooter brand that was founded by a team of sustainability entrepreneurs. The team at Eagle, just like us here at T3, strongly believe that electric scooters can play a significant role in reducing everyone’s reliance on cars, ultimately minimising air pollution and alleviating congestion in cities all over the world.

The team have a real passion for electric scooters and have used their experience to create the perfect e-scooters.

Eagle started by looking at performance and discovered that the most important factor is not, in fact, the size of the motor. It is, however, the battery which enables optimum performance. This led the team to focus on the e-scooter batteries – developing the best range possible on a faster charge.

A person using an Eagle Electric Scooter

(Image credit: Eagle Scooter)

The enhanced battery ability is paired with Eagle’s extremely robust frame and wide foot stand for better stability – this is extremely important for safety – especially in the UK where roads aren’t the smoothest.

The lineup currently features two models – the GT and RS – both with different characteristics and aimed at different users.

The Eagle GT is the perfect everyday scooter. It blends performance and comfort with a single charge range of 30km. It features an agile ride, simply folding mechanism and is perfect for being carried around. 

Despite weighing just 13.5kg, the Eagle GT is strong and robust, with a 316-grade powder-coated stainless steel frame and weather resistance which means it can be used in the rain.

This impressive e-scooter has a legally limited top speed of 25km, a 15-degree hill climbing ability, and can be recharged in just three to five hours.

The Eagle RS takes things up a notch. It is the brand’s range-topping model with a larger platform, more robust frame, and a one-charge range of 50km! It’s for those who are serious about electric scooters and need that extra range.

A person using an Eagle Electric Scooter

(Image credit: Eagle Scooter)

The RS is designed to boss longer journeys, making them fun, comfortable and easy. It features the same 25km/h top speed and 15-degree hill climbing ability as the GT, but weights more, at 18kg. That means you won’t want to carry it for too long, but luckily you won’t need to thanks to all of that battery life.

Both electric scooters have three power modes (Eco, Smooth, and Sport) and connect to the Eagle EScooter app. This lets you customise your journey, whether it's changing the ride mode, locking your electric scooter or managing cruise control – all from the comfort and ease of your smartphone.

The Eagle GT is priced at £499 while the RS comes in at £599. We think that’s already a great price, but T3 has managed to secure a discount code which saves you 10% on Eagle scooters – all you have to do is use the code ‘T310’. This discount code works between June 22nd and July 11th – so don't wait around.

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