Dreo’s Pilot Max has all the tower fan features you need, and more

Don’t settle for basic

Dreo Pilot Max tower fan in open space
(Image credit: Dreo)

Tower fans are a great addition to the home. They can move a lot of air, whether you’re trying to keep warm or cool off, and they have a small footprint thanks to their vertical nature. But there’s a lot more to them than just blowing air around. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features that can set a premium tower fan apart from the most basic models. 

Ample control over the fan

The first thing to look for  in a tower fan is flexibility from the fan itself. You’ll want plenty of power, but also to be able to control how that power is implemented. A fan that’s always running at a high speed may overwhelm you or be too loud for some scenarios. Being able to finely control the speed levels is a big help here. 

Then there’s oscillation, or how much it turns. The breeze coming out of a tower fan is fairly narrow, so a wide oscillation range is essential for getting the most out of it. At a minimum, you’ll want to get close to 90-degrees, as this will let you set the fan in a corner and have it basically hit the whole room. Being able to go even wider will let you set the fan up closer to you or in the middle of the wall and still get good coverage. Where this might be useful is with the fan near a long couch, where the extra oscillation range can help it blow on everyone seated on the couch. The Dreo Pilot Max checks both of these boxes with 12 speed settings and a 120-degree oscillation range.

A temperature sensor

You might use your tower fan to cool off, but as the temperature changes throughout the day and night, you might not need it to work as hard all the time. Having a sensor that reacts to a drop in temperature can be really handy, not only for saving a bit of energy, but also if you sleep with the fan on. A strong breeze might help you fall asleep, but as night cools off, the fan could begin to give you the chills while you sleep if it keeps going at the same speed. With a temperature sensor, the fan can wind down a bit as the air cools. You’ll find this type of capability on the Dreo Pilot Max alongside a low operating volume to make your sleep that much better.

Dreo Pilot Max tower fan in open room

(Image credit: Dreo)

Energy-saving features

Your tower fan is going to spend a lot of time powered up, so it’s worth making sure it isn’t going to hurt your electricity bill. A good starting point is getting one that has a low power draw, so even if you were to run it all day, every day, you’d only be spending pennies to do so. Beyond that, it’s helpful to have a flexible sleep timer. This will let you tell the fan when to turn off as soon as you turn it on. Some fans offer just a few options in varying increments, which helps but could leave the fan running a bit longer than you’d like just because the specific option you wanted wasn’t available. The Dreo Pilot Max offers a 12-hour sleep timer with one hour increments for fine control.

An easy-to-clean design

There’s no fighting the facts — your fan is going to pass a ton of air through it every time you use it, and when there’s dust in the air, some of it is going to gather on your fan. Some fans don’t make it easy to get that dust off without just about completely disassembling the fan. Having an easily detachable grille like that of the Dreo Pilot Max makes de-dusting a cinch. 

A remote control

A tower fan is there to help you get comfortable. But you can’t stay comfortable if you’ve always got to get up and walk over to it to change settings. And it can be hard to dial in the settings you want when you’re not parked in the spot you’ll be feeling them from. By having a remote control, you can turn up or down the fan as you like, right from where you’re at, letting you get cozy and stay cozy.

While some tower fans offer a handful of these features, you can find them all aboard the Dreo Pilot Max tower fan. You can get the Dreo Pilot Max from Dreo or order it through Amazon.  


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