DeLorean EV teased ahead of August premiere

The iconic Back to the Future car brand is coming back in the form of an EV this summer

DeLorean Motor Company EV
(Image credit: DeLorean Motor Company)

The DMC DeLorean was the quintessential car of the future when it appeared in 1975 and it reached icon status when it starred alongside Michael J Fox in the Back to the Future films. Not only did this car embody what we thought cars would look like in 2015 (back in 1989) but it was able to fly and time travel when it reached 88mph. 

The news that an EV was coming was first announced back in February but this week, the company announced the date of its premiere and a sneak peek in the form of this rear shot above. 

DeLorean Motors is a Texas-based company that since 1995 has been selling original and reproduction parts for DeLorean models to owners. The company, started by Liverpudlian, Stephen Wynne bought a huge amount of inventory of parts after the collapse of the original DeLorean Motor Company.  

According to the news on Monday, the new DeLorean electric vehicle will be showcased on Thursday, August 18 at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California. Tesla debuted its Roadster at the same show back in 2006. 

DeLorean EV

(Image credit: Delorean Motors)

This is not a classic DeLorean with a replacement electric motor, as we've seen in many classic cars. This is a brand new car design, though it's likely to have some DMC influences. 

On the company's website is a shadowy image of a car with gull wings like the original and on the latest released press shot we can see a vented back windscreen that definitely has hints of the one of the original. Of course, there's plenty of features that I hope the EV doesn't follow. The original was notoriously underpowered, had terrible handling and was badly made. 

My hope is that it at least stands up against the current batch of electric cars, offering a range of over 250 miles and a rapid acceleration. The press shot has a certain Audi feel to it, and that would certainly be no bad thing. Will it be as iconic as the original? Probably not, but it is likely to be able to reach 88mph without the help of a lightning strike. 

The Original DMC DeLorean

(Image credit: DeLorean Motors)
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