Cooking is simpler and more satisfying than ever with this new air fryer

Simple, fast, satisfying, and safe. Cooking can be all three — you just need the right air fryer.

Dreo Temperature Range
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If you’re like us, you at least explored home cooking during the pandemic. Maybe you even purchased a meal kit or two. You probably noticed that, although cooking at home is cheaper and more fulfilling than ordering in, it's also considerably more time-consuming. 

Part of the reason is all the dishes. Even a simple casserole may require multiple pots, pans, and utensils to prepare, while more complex meals might require more cookware than your dishwasher has room for. While Dreo can't solve all your cooking woes, its new air fryer has the potential to make cooking quicker, cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable overall. 

Say hello to the Air Fryer Pro Max — your new favorite kitchen appliance. With 360° air circulation and a temperature range from 100°F-450°F, it reduces cooking time by up to 30%, while also keeping food crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. You can even watch the whole cooking process from start to finish through a large viewing window on the front of the unit.

The Air Fryer Pro Max also has some serious capacity, up to 6.8 quarts. Whether you're preparing breakfast for your family or cooking up some dishes for a dinner party, it's got you covered. And don't worry if you're unfamiliar with air fryers or with cooking in general. 

Dreo's made its air fryer incredibly easy to operate, with five separate cooking modes and six presets, all accessible via a sharp-looking LED control panel on top of the device. Whether you want to roast a rotisserie chicken, broil some shrimp, or air fry a vegetable dish, all it takes is a few button presses. And if you want a bit more precise control over the cooking process, Dreo also allows you to customize both temperature and cooking time. 

Chef cutting meat with Dreo air fryer nearby

(Image credit: Dreo)

Dreo has even included a 100-recipe cookbook with the appliance and offers regular online recipes too.

Once you're done cooking, cleanup is a breeze, as well. Dreo's basket and plate are both dishwasher-safe, with non-stick coatings and rounded designs that make them easy to wipe down. No more standing in front of the sink scrubbing the residue off your good cookware because it won't fit your dishwasher. 

Dreo dishwasher safe

(Image credit: Dreo)

Dealing with such high temperatures can be dangerous if not handled correctly, so Dreo has ensured the Air Fryer Pro Max is completely safety-certified, and it's both ETL-listed and FDA-approved. The appliance is also equipped with both overheat and shut-off protection and automatically pauses if the basket is removed. 

Betterment is a journey. That's true of cooking just like anything else. And with Dreo, that journey is easier than ever — its Air Fryer Pro Max is an innovative product that represents the best in sophisticated modern living. 

Whether you want to cook healthier meals for your family, explore a new world of cuisine, or simply want to try out a new air fryer, it's the perfect choice

Take the first step on your journey today

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