This Bowflex dumbbell rival is so much cheaper: Power Block Sport 24 deal is over 30% off at Amazon

Modular dumbbells are the essential home gym equipment

cheap power block dumbbell deal bowflex rival
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The Bowflex-rival Power Block Sport 24 adjustable dumbbells' price has just dropped to £132.99, a very reasonable sum for a pair of dumbbells that can potentially save you a lot of floor space in your home gym.

• Buy Power Block Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbells on Amazon for £132.99, was £199.99, you save £67 – 34%

Use the selector pins to set the desired weight from 3 to 24 pounds on each dumbbell. The padded handle makes it super comfortable to grip Power Block Sport 24, therefore making the workout a more pleasant experience overall. You can expect more of this sort of bargain in the Amazon end of summer sale, which technically starts tomorrow (August 22).

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Power Block Sport 24 adjustable dumbbells | Sale price £132.99 | Was £199.99 | Save £67 (34%)
Adjust the weight of the Power Block Sport 24 dumbbells in 3-pound increments up to 24 pounds. The ergonomic handle is padded for extra wrist protection. Comes with a limited 10-year warranty too. View Deal

This part of Amazon's late summer sale

Why you should buy Power Block

Adjustable or modular dumbbells are the perfect addition for any home gym. If you get one piece of equipment for your home gym, let it be a dumbbell. They're the single most versatile piece of strength exercise equipment you can get. With dumbbells, you can practically do a full body workout as well as do more isolated exercises to get bigger arms.

Modular dumbbells can be an even better choice because they take up minimal amount of space and are a cheaper option than getting all the individual weights separately. The market leader here is probably Bowflex Selecttech 1090i, but Power Block Sport 24 is a similar product at a lower price, particularly today – it's the perfect choice for those who are as price-conscious as they are body-conscious.