Bing UK now issues pop-up warning for child abuse search entries

Anyone trying to find child abuse images will now be given a warning

Microsoft has added pop-up warnings to Bing UK for anyone attempting to search for illegal images of child abuse

Anyone in the UK who tried to find images depicting child abuse will now be issued a warning pop-up directing them to counselling service.

According to the Guardian, Microsoft has said that, "If someone in the UK tries to search terms on Bing which can only indicate they are looking for illegal child abuse content, they will activate the Bing notification platform, which will produce an on-screen notification telling them that child abuse content is illegal."

Users who trigger the warning message will find a 'Help and advice' button on the pop-up that will link to, a counselling service.

This week, David Cameron has been campaigning to restrict internet users access to pornography by creating an "opt-in" situation where members of the public will have to contact their ISP's to request they want access to online pornography.

Microsoft has explained how the Bing pop-up warnings trigger. The Bing Notification Platform triggers when search terms found on a list created by The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) are entered into the search engine.

Microsoft already has a policy in place to remove any links to illegal content as soon as possible.

Source: Guardian

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