Beats Powerbeats Pro buds are officially The Best true wireless buds AND the best workout headphones

True wireless, truly great

T3 Awards 2019: Best fitness headphones: Beats Powerbeats Pro

The amount of hyperbole we've applied to Beats Powerbeats Pro, it was probably no surprise, yesterday, to find them installed at the top of our list of Best running and workout headphones and also handed a trophy for Best fitness headphones at the T3 Awards 2019

But these aren't just sweat-loving headphones for jocks. We also consider the Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro to be the best true wireless buds of the past 12 months. Better than AirPods, better than everyone else. The greatest. Quite simply, the finest thing ever invented by people. 

Okay, maybe that's laying it on a bit thick. But still… great earbuds.

Beats clearly looked long at hard at what runners and gym-goers want from a pair of buds, but they also deliver when you're doing nothing to burn calories other than existing. 

Using a 'piston' driver, these beautiful buds serve up audio way better than previous efforts from the Powerbeats range, better than any rival in the  workout buds space and, IMO, better than any other true wireless bud – even the ones that hi-fi mags think sound good, such as the efforts from RHA, Sony, B&O and Master & Dynamic. 

Given that sound quality is almost an after-thought for many gym buds – sweat-proofing and the ability to stay in place during exercise are more important considerations – this is little short of remarkable. Fit is actually better than any rival too – the Pros will stay in place whatever you do whilst wearing them, and no matter how sweaty you get

Battery life – often the bugbear of true wireless buds – is here extended to the point where it will almost cease to be an issue: 9 hours per charge, with a total of 24 hours when you charge them in their case when not in use. Furthermore, a 5-minute 'Fast Fuel' charge will give you 90 minutes of workout time. 

Add all manner of Apple-mandated slickness – Siri control without even needing to touch a button, instant pairing with iOS devices, automatic detection of when they're in your ear (or not) – and you have a true gold standard product. To use a very obvious sporting metaphor, Beats have knocked it out of the park with the Powerbeats Pro.