Back to school with Windows 10: the affordable, practical, safe and secure complete solution

A Windows 10 laptop will make sure your kids have everything they need to become a better pupil when they head back to school.

Windows 10
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Most busy parents are pretty time poor, which is why purchasing a Windows laptop armed with Windows 10 makes for the perfect productivity solution. Windows 10 delivers a powerful but easy-to-use computing experience that lets your kids be hugely productive, while keeping them safe and secure when they’re online.

Indeed, Windows 10 has been designed to provide safety first, which offers piece of mind if you're a busy parent with children that want to make the most of their time on a computer. Microsoft has built in everything a family needs to stay productive within Windows 10 and complimented the simple-to-master operating system with a whole host of options for the whole family.

Cleverly, Windows 10 manages to cover all bases by offering a vast array of productivity tools, include its OneDrive Cloud backup, the beefy Windows Security app, plus safe and secure web browsing via Microsoft Edge. Better still, parents get the piece of mind they need by knowing all this comes with a practical collection of family options that allow you to manage everything seamlessly, from what your children can see through to the amount of screen time they get.

There’s even Windows Hello, which is advanced biometrics-based technology that offers a tailored experience for members of your family, all while offering safer and more secure accessibility. Fancy being able to have instant access to your Windows 10 software using a PIN, facial recognition or a fingerprint scan? Now you can with Windows Hello.

Their tomorrow starts today

As parents we all want to see our children reach their full potential and having a Windows laptop is the perfect way to get them started. Along with having the useability of Windows 10, picking the right Windows laptop can transform the way your kids make the most of their productive time.

Windows 10 laptops are also built to offer great battery life, provide plenty of security and are also lightweight and durable. In short, they make the perfect foundation for all of your children’s school and after-school activities. The great thing is that Windows 10 is universally used too, meaning that there are no obstacles when it comes to your kids moving from one location to another. Learning will be fun, rather than a chore, which is a real bonus when it comes to home work activities.

Picking the right Windows laptop will mean that you children can quickly get on top of their school-focused tasks. However, a laptop running Windows 10 can also provide the perfect basis for your child’s other online activities and interests. Playing the ever-popular Minecraft, for example, can be carried out with ease from within the Windows 10 environment. 

Adding extra piece of mind is the durability that comes with a Windows laptop, with machines that have been designed specifically to handle the rigours of daily use while you and your children are on-the-go.

Windows 10

(Image credit: Windows 10)

A practical solution

Combining the power and performance of a Windows laptop with the Windows 10 operating system is ideal for any family situation. That’s because Windows 10 comes with a wide range of tools, many of which are tailored towards more productive learning. It’s also quick and easy to subscribe to the affordable suite of Microsoft 365 apps, which contains everything needed to tackle any school or home-time related task, thanks to the likes of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Your children can quickly master word processing, graphs, spreadsheets and even produce presentations for the classroom or homework activities, all from within Windows 10. Better still, they can keep their work safe and secure, thanks to a whopping 1 Terabyte of storage that comes with the package. Knowing that your children always have a backup of their activities offers definite piece of mind.

Adding to the appeal of a Windows 10 laptop is also the compatibility with a whole host of Microsoft PC accessories. These are the day-to-day tools that can supplement laptop ownership, with practical tools such as colour-coded compact wireless mice allowing your whole family to enjoy even more productive freedom in their own unique way.

Affordable freedom

Perhaps the best news of all is that owning a Windows 10 laptop isn't going to cost you a small fortune either. While there are plenty of high-end Windows machines on the market that are suitable for more demanding tasks, a Windows laptop that will work perfectly for your children can be purchased for very little in the way of outlay.

Even with their low price tags, today’s latest Windows 10 laptops offer superb value, along with all of the Windows 10 tools needed to be super productive. Add on the fact that they’re design to be rugged and durable, as well as offering excellent battery life and you’ve got the basis of a great computing experience.

On top of that there are the suite of productivity tools you’ll get as part of the Windows 10 package. At the same time, parents can configure a machine to ensure that they have full parental control of features and functions. Security is also covered extensively within the Windows 10 environment. Equally, while every machine is safe and secure, it’ll also provide your child with everything they need in order to be more productive and creative into the bargain.

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