Audi's made an e-bike that costs as much as a car

This strictly limited-run e-bike is designed to delight during downhill runs

Audi E-Tron Electric Bike
(Image credit: Audi)

If you're looking for an e-bike that's as attractive as the Audi A6 Avant e-tron Concept, Audi has just the thing. Although the German car manufacturer isn't famous for producing the best electric bikes, we must admit, the limited edition Audi Electric Mountain Bike Powered By Fantic indeed looks amazing. The specs are pretty great too.

It's designed as an all-rounder, but Audi says its greatest strength is downhill riding: it has wide wheels, off-road tyres and 180mm of suspension travel. There's a 36V 720Wh battery inside the frame, and the 250-watt Brose motor delivers up to 90nm of torque.

Audi's e-bike is going to go fast, quite literally

This is a limited-run bike, and if you want one, you're invited to express your interest via the Audi website here. You'll also find the full specifications there, which include an aluminium/carbon hybrid frame in three sizes, Öhlins forks and shocks and SRAM gears.

This is clearly going to be a quick e-bike. That motor is more powerful than the one in bikes such as the Harley-Davidson Serial 1, which provides assistance up to 25km/h where legal, and should be good for close to 100 miles if you're not constantly going uphill. There are four levels of assistance: Eco, Tour, Sport and Boost. 

This is way out of my price range – I just bought a second-hand car that costs much the same as this e-bike – but if you're lucky enough to be able to afford one of Audi's electric vehicles, then this looks like a great thing to sling in the boot of your Avant – and because it's a limited run, it delivers pretty impressive bragging rights too.

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