App week: Android Music 3.0, Angry Birds Rio review

Plus: Atari's Greatest Hits and Bing for iPad

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Cloud music finally coming to Android?
It seems we've waited longer than an Oliver Stone movie for Google's cloud music service to arrive and beat the tar out of iTunes, but an interesting leak this week suggests it's almost good-to-go. The Android Music 3.0 app appeared in, and was then quickly removed from, a developers' version of the Android Market.

Atari's Greatest Hits makes old new again
The App Store is making a habit of making the old seem new again and there's no better evidence of that than the new Atari's Greatest Hits app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app features 100 Atari luminaries, such as Pong, Asteroid, Battlezone and Centipede. You can buy the whole lot in-app for $14.99.

Bing! Microsoft's first iPad app
Microsoft has launched a rather lovely-looking version of its Bing search engine, which is its first venture onto Apple's tablet. As far as debuts go, this is like scoring a hat-trick at the Kop end. It's a visually beautiful app, intuitive and fun to use and a real contender to the bland Google search offering provided by Safari

Mix your own Bowie track
Pop icon David Bowie will release an iPhone app this summer to accompany his Golden Years EP release. The app will allow users access to the original multi-tracks from the song to create their own remix and share it with the world. Good old Bowie... still at the cutting edge.

PlayBook gets another app boost
As well as access to the Android Market, the BlackBerry PlayBook will benefit from developers still convinced that there's room for more than two successful ecosystems. App developer Polar has promised 100 apps in the first year for the new RIM tablet, claiming that it'll be more of an on-the-go device than the Apple iPad.


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Orange encourages us to be better people...
...and it doesn't have to ruin your day! The Orange Do Some Good app for iPhone allows you to do good deeds like fill in a quick survey for the Samaritans while you're on the bus, or send in pictures of your local area that you think need more trees or a bit of guerilla gardening. Nice idea.

Angry Birds head to Brazil for movie tie-in
The rise of Angry Birds continues with its first Hollywood hook-up. Angry Birds Rio sees the irate winged beasts fly to South America to free some kidnapped pals, Sonic the Hedgehog style (yes, the pigs get a repreive in this episode). It features 60 addictive levels and is another must-have iteration of the world's most famous smartphone game.

The kind of watch Flynn would wear...
While hugely-functional apps that make our lives easier and more enjoyable dominate this page each week, we're still a sucker for geeky apps that just look cool. TRONclock for Windows Phone 7 is one of those. Basically, it's a spinning neon disc with a little dot and segments cut out for seconds, minutes and hours, but for TRON: Legacy fans it looks like it has arrived straight from the grid and a nifty addition to your Windows Phone 7 handset.

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