Ambitious Google update plan means Chromebooks aren't just for Christmas, they're for life... almost

Get 10 years worth of updates with a Chromebook

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Google has extended its Chromebook update policy, meaning supported devices will received automatic software upgrades for a decade.

This not only ensures the laptops will be more sustainable, consumers will benefit from knowing that their purchase will be kept current for an extended period.

Google claims that this promise gives Chromebooks a longer shelf-life than alternatives, with 10 years of automatic updates being more than any other operating system currently affords.

This will apply to future Chromebooks but those who have purchased a device in the last two years will also benefit. The policy applies to Chromebook models released from 2021.

Customers using models released prior to 2021 will get an option to extend automatic updates to 10 years from the platform's release.

Security patches are released on a monthly basis, but the updates will also include stability and feature upgrades through the product's lifespan.

Quicker repairs to help too

Google has also vowed to speed up its Chromebook repair program – not least, to help schools and colleges have their devices fixed and back in classrooms more quickly.

Part of the new initiative includes the ability for on-site technicians to repair Chromebooks without a physical USB key. This will reduce the time it takes for a school IT expert to mend a device by up to 50%, claims Google.

Chromebook automatic updates schedule

Google plans to introduce its 10 year automatic update scheme in 2024. It is also working with manufacturers to ensure future laptops are built from more eco-friendly and recycled materials.

New power saving measures are being introduced too, in order to make the humble Chromebook one of the most sustainable products around. This could help it find the edge when you're hunting for one of the best laptops around.

To find out more about Google's plans for automatic Chromebook updates, repairability and sustainable measures, two of the company's senior directors of engineering for ChromeOS, Prajakta Gudadhe and Ashwini Varma, have detailed their mission in a dedicated Google Blog.

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