13.6 million Brits will suffer from ‘pavement rage’ this Christmas

Majority of Brits would still rather shop on high street than online, shopping app Udozi has revealed

Dawdlers, large groups and window browsers are the biggest causes of pavement rage, according to research from shopping app Udozi

With Christmas just around the corner, shoppers are already flocking to the high streets to fight over the tastiest tech treats.

But despite being the season to be jolly, research by local shopping app Udozi has revealed that more than a quarter of Brits are set to suffer from 'pavement rage' this Christmas.

The research, which polled the views of 2,000 consumers, shows that 37 per cent state that 'busy crowds' are their biggest source of stress this festive season which is major cause of 'pavement rage'.

The Udozi research reveals that 'dawdlers' are the biggest source of anger on the streets, as 42 per cent of people get most annoyed at fellow shoppers who walk too slowly.

People in large groups taking up too much space on the pavement are another big pavement peeve at 38 per cent followed by people who stop dead in their tracks to window browse at 24 per cent.

Large groups of teenagers (14 per cent), parents with prams (9 per cent), people who stop to take photos (7 per cent) and tourists (4 per cent) are other culprits.

However the majority of those questioned still prefer to shop on the high streets than online. The main reasons given were that customers like to see an item before they purchase it and that they liked the 'buzz' of the high street.

Alan Gabbay, founder of Udozi commented: “We've all experienced the stresses of rush hour on the roads, so it's no surprise that as pavements get busier people may experience pavement rage on the streets. But even though pedestrian-clogged roads can be annoying, it's clear that Brits still prefer to do their Christmas shopping amongst the action rather than behind a screen.”

The research was commissioned by local shopping app Udozi, which helps people search for and find items in shops near them to mark the launch of its 'Pavement Code' video.

Spoofing the popular 1970s Green Cross Code adverts, Udozi's 'Pavement Code' video stars Mr. P, the Pavement Prefect, whose life mission is to exterminate the epidemic of pavement rage that is sweeping our nation – offering shoppers friendly advice along the way. You can watch the video in full here.

Nathan George

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