Whatever your hustle, LG gram is your ultimate laptop

The new ultra-light, Intel 12th Gen 2022 LG gram laptop series is now better than ever. Here’s why you need one…

LG Gram 2022 n
(Image credit: LG)

Looking for a new laptop that reflects your creativity, your style and your hustle? The ultra-lightweight LG gram has been upgraded for 2022 and now provides an even better experience for onward movers like you, inside and out. It’s as light, stylish and versatile as ever, but now it’s bringing a new, super-innovative user experience based on AI.

LG gram is the perfect all-round companion, for the go-getters, the side hustlers, and the visionary. Available in 16-inch or 17-inch models, it’s ultra-lightweight, whichever model you opt for. Both are among the very lightest laptops in their screen-size class. Despite that, it delivers a core experience like no other laptop, serving up dazzling images, all-day battery life and all the power and versatility of Windows 11 and 12th Gen Intel Core silicon.

Here’s why your next laptop should be a 2022 LG gram.

Premium screen

LG Gram 2022

(Image credit: LG)

Available in 16- or 17-inch versions, the better-than-full-HD (2560x1600 resolution), hi-res screen has DCI-P3 99% colours and a brilliantly widescreen, 16:10 aspect ratio and minimal bezels. With 350nit brightness and an anti-glare coating, you’ll see more of everything. More detail, more colour, more life.

Power when you need it most

LG gram 2022

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Windows 11 Home and an 12th Gen Intel Core processor – either i7 1260P or i5 1240P – mean LG gram is super versatile and able to handle 4K video editing, advanced image processing and more.

Ultra lightweight but HUGE battery life

LG gram 2022

(Image credit: LG)

Weighing in at as little as 1.19kg (16-inch) or 1.35kg (17-inch), LG gram is built to go anywhere you want it to. 

Yet despite being among the lightest laptops around, and despite being powerful enough to handle every task you need it to, the LG gram has a battery that just won’t quit – it delivers up to 20.5 hours of life in all.

New and improved for 2022

LG gram 2022

(Image credit: LG)

Without losing any of the gram range’s core values, the 2022 model has a host of new features.

There’s a full-HD Infrared webcam that lets you login with your face, via Windows Hello. Taking that idea even further is LG Glance by Mirametrix. This AI-based reactive software actually recognizes your face. That means it can be used to keep sensitive information secure – only your face can unlock it – and that your LG gram can detect when you’re away, and lock down till you return. You can even use it to play and pause your favourite movies.

LG Glance also unlocks Smart Pointer. When you’re working on dual monitors, this detects whether you are looking at the monitor screen or the laptop screen. It moves the window and mouse points on its own to maximize your comfort. Finally, LG Glance can even remind you to rest your eyes and adjust your posture if it catches you slouching!

LG Hustle Hub

LG gram 2022

(Image credit: LG)

Got a business goal you want to fulfill? Joining the Hustle Hub by LG gram is a great way to elevate your hobby into a side hustle, and your side hustle into a full-fledged business. New for ’22, this LG gram Facebook community was created to help entrepreneurial thinkers and small business owners. It provides invaluable support, expert advice and network opportunities to budding businesses.

Eco-friendly packaging

Not only is the new packaging made of recycled materials, but you can also upcycle it into a calendar and pencil holder!


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