Upgrade your vision with Lando Norris’ favourite eyewear featuring SunGod’s 8KO® lens technology

Forget industry-standard polycarbonate; SunGod’s 8KO® nylon lens technology will help you see the world around you better

SunGod sunglasses
F1 driver Lando Norris in his Limited Edition SunGod Zephyrs™.
(Image credit: SunGod)

Wouldn’t it be great to experience your surroundings better? To be able to see objects like never before, clearer and in more contrast? And what if you could do this without getting eye surgery? With the introduction of SunGod’s 8KO® nylon lens technology, you can do just that; it’s changing the game in the sunglasses world.

For those interested in cycling, F1, snowsports or running, SunGod needs no introduction. The British performance eyewear brand, based out of London and Verbier, Switzerland, made a name for itself by offering premium performance eyewear for the world’s leading athletes. 8KO® is the lens of choice for the world’s best athletes, from 7x Tour de France-winning cycling team INEOS Grenadiers to England Rugby and McLaren F1 Team driver Lando Norris.

Now SunGod is offering their industry-leading 8KO® nylon lens technology across their entire range, so it’s no longer the reserve of the sporting elite - you too can experience the clarity of 8KO® while looking sophisticated in the streets. The 8KO® lens technology is a 2mm precision-engineered nylon with an Abbe Value* of 45 – meaning it’s as clear as the surface of the human eye. Better still, it’s stronger and lighter than rival polycarbonate technologies (typically rated 31). 

SunGod sunglasses

8KO® lens technology is now available across SunGod's Pace Series™, Lifestyle Series™ and Snow Series™ for the very first time. 

(Image credit: SunGod)

"8KO® nylon is to eyewear what carbon fibre was to bike frames", says Ed Watkiss, Head of Product at SunGod. "Studying the polycarbonate options the market offered already, we were confident we could find something better. We're incredibly proud that after months and months of trialling, we're now able to offer 8KO® across our entire product range. We've achieved our aim of producing a lens technology that's clearer, lighter and stronger than what was on the market already; in simple terms, it's just better."

And it's not just SunGod saying that the tech is impressive; British ultrarunner Tom Evans wore SunGod's Ultras™ with 8KO® lenses on the podium of last year's UTMB, the world's most prestigious ultramarathon. In his words: "Eyewear is a piece of equipment that often gets overlooked, but the simple fact is, SunGod's 8KO® lenses are better than the naked eye."

"Using a tinted 8KO® lens provides enhanced contrast, better depth perception and eliminates eye fatigue, all essential when running over 20 hours over rough and uneven terrain. Not only this, the width of the lens on the Ultras™, in particular, means that I have maximum peripheral vision both up and down and side to side, and the gains from this are surprising but simple."

SunGod sunglasses

SunGod Tempests™ with 8KO® Silver Blue lenses. 

(Image credit: SunGod)

And now on to the exciting part: for the first time in 2023, SunGod has rolled out 8KO® lens technology across the entire product range, from the Snow Series™ (skiing and snowboarding) to the Pace Series™ (performance sports: cycling, running, triathlon) and beyond.

SunGod’s Lifestyle Series™ (everyday eyewear) glasses are also available with 8KO® lens technology, which includes the ever-so-popular Renegades™ and new generation Zephyrs™, featuring near-flat lenses complemented by an angular frame.

As a certified B Corp and 1% For The Planet member with carbon-neutral products and operations, SunGod has built a business model that puts people, the planet, and profit on equal footing. So, SunGod doesn’t stop caring about its glasses as soon as they’ve left the shelves. All products are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee, including all damage (apart from lens scratches), fixed free-of-charge for life.

SunGod sunglasses

SunGod Zephyrs™ with 8KO® Smoke lenses. 

(Image credit: SunGod)

SunGod also offers next-day delivery in the UK and 2-5 working days in Europe and RoW. And as for originality, there’s no need to worry about coming across the same SunGod sunglasses on the street - each pair is fully customisable at no extra cost and is hand-assembled in the UK.

SunGod’s website offers fully customised eyewear options with over half a million design combinations to choose from, coupled with the most user-friendly online shopping experience known to man. Prices for SunGod’s Lifestyle Series™ with 8KO® lens technology - coupled with 100% UV protection, triple-layer scratch resistance and an unrivalled Lifetime Guarantee as standard - start at £110.

Visit SunGod today to experience 8KO®: the next generation of eyewear.

*Abbe Value measures the clarity of a material. The higher the Abbe Value, the clearer the lens


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