The Honor 10’s stunning design makes other smartphones boring

You’ve never seen a smartphone this stunning

Why are smartphones so dull? You’d think with all the money some firms have sloshing about, they could spend some of it on design. Nope! Most of them are recycling old ideas, redoing the iPhone in slightly different colours or churning out hopeless, horrible handsets in fifty shades of meh.

Not Honor. Honor’s for the brave. The bold. The beautiful.

Art of glass

The Honor 10 is genuinely beautiful. It’s unlike any other smartphone you’ve ever seen.

It’s all about the glass. Honor calls it “Aurora Glass” and the photos here don’t do it justice: you have to see it in your hand to appreciate just how staggeringly, eye-poppingly gorgeous it is. The entire casing is made from 15 layers of 3D glass, and by “made” we mean “crafted using nano-scale optical engineering”. The result is a constantly shifting, iridescent palette that’s simply stunning. You’d need to scroll through a lot of Instagram posts to find something as pretty as the phone you’re viewing them on.

There are two iconic and ground-breaking colours to choose from: Phantom Blue and Phantom Green. They’re both gorgeous in every kind of light.

The casing is crafted from 15 layers of 3D glass

Phantom Blue and Phantom Green were developed in association with the Paris Aesthetics Center, a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and colour science. It’s a great example of Honor’s bravery: where other firms hope you’ll get excited about plain old polycarbonate or – if they’re really pushing the boat out – a bit of metal, Honor’s using the very latest technologies to show everyone else what’s possible. Aurora Glass is what happens when you don’t follow the herd.

Record breaker

It’s no wonder that the Honor 10 has smashed sales records, with 1 million people snapping up the super-phone in just one month and Honor’s entire stock selling out in the very first week. It’s an extraordinary phone for extraordinary people. Check out HiHonor to find out how join them.

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