The ASUS C434 Chromebook is the ultimate study tool – here's why

The ASUS C434 Chromebook is in stock now at John Lewis, and here's why it's the ideal back to school companion

ASUS C434 Chromebook John Lewis
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)
ASUS C434 Chromebook - key info

ASUS C434TA-AI0080 Chromebook John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Screen: 14-inch Full HD
CPU: Intel Core M3
Storage: 128GB eMMC
Price: £549
Guarantee: 2 years

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John Lewis is one of T3's most respected UK retailers, and when it comes round to back to school study, either in terms of supplying study tools or the essentials, no other retailer comes close to offering the same range, value and – most importantly – service.

Case in point is this fantastic offer on the simply superb ASUS C434 Chromebook right now, which not only delivers a truly premium tool for study, but also comes with John Lewis' best-in-class 2-year guarantee.

And, with 2020 proving to be one of the most challenging years for decades (and especially for students, who have had their studies disrupted massively), here at T3 we feel it is absolutely crucial that each learner is equipped with the very best study tools going.

Which when it comes round to laptops, the ASUS C434 Chromebook delivers on. This is a study tool that, simply put, will help any learner excel at school, college or university. Below we explain exactly what makes this system special.

ASUS C434 Chromebook John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Simple setup, superb security

One of the biggest reasons why Chromebooks are so popular today is that setting them up is incredibly quick and easy. As the system runs ChromeOS, which syncs perfectly with a user's Google Account, by simply signing into the system all of their associated files and preferences are automatically loaded. This makes first time setup and return logins rapid.

And, speaking of logging in, another major reason Chromebooks are now being used by students and professionals alike is that they offer excellent built in security. The ASUS C434 Chromebook features multiple layers of security and updates geared around keeping its user's private information safe. Malware and viruses are dealt with automatically, removing the need for expensive third-party software.

Excellent studying from home software

With the vast majority of students facing a return to school next term only in a virtual capacity, with colleges and universities remaining closed and online virtual seminars and lectures the new normal, being well equipped for digital learning is crucial. And this is where the ASUS C434 Chromebook truly excels.

Designed to work seamlessly with Google services, which includes its comprehensive office suite (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms) as well as best-in-class calendar and email applications, among many others, staying organised and on top of school work is easy and without any extra cost as all the Chromebook's software is free to use.

Naturally, commonly used software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also available through the Google Play Store, too, meaning that no matter what software is needed, Chromebook delivers. Sharing files with fellow students or submitting completed work to teachers couldn't be easier.

ASUS C434 Chromebook John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Advanced next-gen features

Chromebooks, such as the premium model offered here by John Lewis, also come with plenty of advanced features, which again are ideal for students. For example, Chromebook allows users to cast their Chrome browser tabs to any Chromecast-enabled TVs (ideal for presentations), as well as expand their desktop with Virtual Desks.

Virtual Desks are a really neat feature empowered by Chrome OS – they allow up to four virtual desktops to be stored and switched between at any one time. This means you can have different desktops depending on the usage scenario, such as study, creative, or play, as well as access more files, applications and windows quicker.

Virtual Desks are specifically useful if the Chromebook is being used without a separate external monitor (like many students), as it effectively replicates the experience but on a single screen. No monitor? No problem with the ASUS C434 Chromebook.

A powerful entertainment system, too

Chromebooks also excel as laptops for students and young professionals as they are not only super study and productivity tools, but they also deliver in terms of entertainment, too.

Chromebook, for example, provides full access to the Google Play store and its apps, meaning that everything from games to music and video streaming services like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime Video can be easily accessed.

As such, when a well-earned break from writing assignments is on the cards, the Chromebook seamlessly switches to a powerful and versatile entertainment machine.

ASUS C434 Chromebook John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Versatility and wellbeing tools built in

And, speaking of versatility, Chromebook is not only incredibly light and compact (1.5kg, H1.57 x W32.1 x D20.2cm), making it super portable and therefore usable in any environment, but also allows other users to be easily added to it, making it effortlessly shareable with friends, fellow students and family.

Chromebooks also truly lead the way in terms of digital wellbeing tools, which is more important today than ever before. Key tools like Night Light and Do Not Disturb helps users maintain a healthy relationship with technology and set boundaries with work, aiding a more well-rounded experience at school, college or university.

More information about the ASUS C434 can be found on the John Lewis official website. In addition, you can also discover the rest of the Chromebook range at John Lewis.

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