Supercharge your RØDE microphones with RØDE connect

The new app makes creating a polished podcasting or streaming studio simple

It’s not easy to know where to start when building your dream streaming or podcasting setup. Sure, they’re easier to create now than ever before but don’t you still need a whole host of studio hardware? Well actually, you don’t. Thanks to RØDE connect, the podcasting and streaming studio app, you can just plug in a compatible RØDE microphone or two and start creating polished, professional shows of your own.

Want to learn a little more about what RØDE connect can do?

Unlock the Full Potential of your RØDE Microphone

The RØDE connect app at work

NT-USB Mini with RØDE Connect

(Image credit: RODE)

Utilising the advanced digital signal processing built into the RØDE NT-USB Mini microphone, RØDE connect allows you to capture rich, broadcast-quality voice recordings with only a simple home setup. With its suite of studio-quality effects, it can single-handedly turn your mic into the perfect podcasting or streaming powerhouse.

Sick of traffic noise, computer fans and murmured voices spoiling your broadcasts? RØDE connect’s Noise Gate allows you to strip out background noise from your recordings, helping you silence any intrusive sounds below a certain threshold. Meanwhile, the Compressor will balance out the dynamics of your voice, making it sound clearer and more polished – and sparing your listener any ear-splitting spikes in volume.

Processing in RØDE Connect

Processing in RØDE Connect

(Image credit: RØDE)

But its effects don’t just smooth out your recording’s rougher edges; they actively enhance it. The Aural Exciter adds subtle harmonic distortion to the high end of your audio, emphasising details that otherwise would have been lost and adding more clarity to your broadcast. Finally, The Big Bottom adds more harmonics to the bass end, giving your voice more presence and punch and making listeners feel like they’re right in the room with you.

Not only that but they’re perfectly optimised for your NT-USB Mini, meaning you can make substantial improvements with just the click of a mouse.

Get into podcasting

Four people recording a podcast using RØDE connect

4 x NT-USB Minis connected via RØDE Connect

(Image credit: Rode)

If you’ve always fancied getting into podcasting, RØDE connect makes it a cinch. Plug in a few NT USB Mini’s and the app’s straightforward recording interface gives you the capabilities of a professional podcaster. You can record at the press of a button, easily adjust each speaker’s levels, add markers to your recording to make later editing easier and mute or solo different channels.

Want to add a bit of additional polish to your podcast? You can route in external audio apps like Spotify and iTunes or connect to video calling apps like Skype and Zoom, making it easy to add music or patch in callers to your show as needed. Not only that but its 64 reprogrammable soundpads make adding sound effects, jingles and even bleeping profanity a breeze.

Channel allocations with RØDE Connect

Channel allocations with RØDE Connect

(Image credit: RØDE)

Finally, if you’re looking for a more mobile setup, you can also easily hook up several RØDE Wireless GO II mics to record wirelessly into RØDE connect channels. You can even plug in a RØDE AI Micro and connect virtually any microphones with a 3.5mm jack, offering extra flexibility for out-of-home recording.

Upgrade your streaming setup

A game streamer using a RØDE mic and RØDE Connect

NT-USB Mini on PSA1 Boom Arm

(Image credit: Rode)

If you’ve ever experimented with streaming, you know how complicated it can be to route audio from umpteen different sound sources. Fortunately, RØDE connect makes that a thing of the past: each sound source can easily be routed to its own channel, from your game audio to your Discord chat, and your output is just as easy to hook up to your streaming software.

And you can guarantee you’ll be able to find the right mic for your streaming setup. Paired with the PSA1+ stand, the RØDE NT USB Mini can be positioned exactly where you need it, while you can activate its powerful DSP and the RØDE control’s effects at the press of a button.

A game streamer using a RØDE mic and RØDE connect

VideoMic NTG on PSA1+ Boom Arm with WS-CHROMA windshield

(Image credit: Rode)

Fancy something a little more discreet? With its supercardioid polar pattern, the RØDE VideoMic NTG can pick up audio at a distance, meaning it can be placed above your monitor and out of sight. Cover with it the chroma-keyed WS-Chroma foam windshield and you can even green- or blue-screen it out of your setup entirely. And, once again, harnessing its integrated DSP features is a breeze when you hook it up to RØDE connect.

To learn more how RØDE connect can kickstart your podcast or spur your streaming career, check it out here.

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