Piaggio launches its new e-scooter, the Piaggio 1

Enjoy environmentally friendly riding for less with this innovative scooter

A man riding the new Piaggio 1 e-scooter
(Image credit: Piaggio)

With spring finally in the air, there’s no way to get about more fun than hopping on the back of a scooter. But while you may enjoy the feel of the warm breeze as you zip around from place to place, we can’t imagine you’re relishing the impact burning petrol has on the environment – or, with fuel costs spiking, your wallet. Fortunately, you can get back to your gleeful riding guilt-free, thanks to the new Piaggio 1, the Italian brand’s new electric scooter.

Building on Piaggio’s 76-year heritage producing vehicles, the Piaggio 1 offers an environmentally friendly ride you can rely on. The Italian-built e-scooter reaches a top speed of 45 km/h and travels up to 55km on a single charge, while its higher-end sibling the Piaggio 1 Active can hit 60 km/h and up to 85km. Each model respectively packs a 1.4kWh and a 2.3kWh battery, which can be removed for easier charging and can be fully juiced up in just six hours.

Here’s just a taste of some of the great features the Piaggio 1 offers.

The storage compartment on the Piaggio 1, showing its battery and a stored helmet.

(Image credit: Piaggio)


While the Piaggio 1’s electric motor certainly makes it greener and cheaper to ride, this isn’t the only trick up its sleeve. Both models come with an ‘ECO’ mode that prolongs battery life by limiting speed to 30km/h, while ‘Sport’ mode allows you to unleash the full power of the motor. Coupled with a kinetic energy recovery system that recaptures energy during deceleration, this helps the Piaggio 1 achieve its great range.

A young couple riding the Piaggio 1 e-scooter

(Image credit: Piaggio)

Comfort & safety

Offering the same reliability you have come to expect from the brand’s traditional scooters, the Piaggio 1’s rock-solid frame is constructed from high-strength steel monotube. Its front coil spring suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers and rear dual hydraulic shock absorbers maximise your comfort on the road. Meanwhile, 175mm hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear – and a CBS combined braking system in the Piaggio 1 Active – ensure you can quickly and smoothly come to a safe stop.

The Piaggio 1's digital colour display

(Image credit: Piaggio)

Top-notch tech

An electric motor is far from the only innovation the Piaggio is packing though. It also has a 5.5-inch digital colour display that automatically adapts its background and brightness to suit ambient conditions. Additionally, it features full LED lighting and utilises a keyless start system, making it easier than ever for you to get out on a ride.


Clearly the Piaggio 1 offers a lot of bang for your buck – especially when you factor in its low running costs and super-affordable pricing. The Piaggio 1 is available for just £2,500 (or £2,350 with a UK EV grant), while the Piaggio 1 Active costs just £3,000 (£2,500 with UK EV grant).

So if you’re keen to discover a greener, more affordable way to get about, make sure you check out the Piaggio 1 today.

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