5 more mistakes everyone makes with the Apple Watch

Be an Apple Watch pro by avoiding these simple mistakes

Apple Watch Series 7
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I have loved my Apple Watch since the very first version, even though I had the faint feeling that I'd spend a whole lot of money on something that didn't really do very much. I don't have that feeling anymore: my Apple Watch Series 7 is one of my very favourite bits of technology. The health and fitness tracking that didn't really appeal to me back in the day is part of my daily habit now, I've nailed the notifications so I'm not getting nagged all the time and I've got a good routine so I never run out of battery.

Everybody uses their Apple Watch in different ways, but there are some things we all do – and some mistakes I think most of us make too. We've already detailed the top three mistakes you're probably making with your Apple Watch, and now we've thought of five more mistakes people are making.

1. Not wearing it correctly

This one is a fairly basic point – it's Apple Watch 101 – you must wear your Apple Watch correctly if you want heart rate and movement tracking to be accurate.

The ideal fit for accurate heart rate tracking should be snug but not overly tight. Basically, you want it as tight as possible without the Apple Watch becoming uncomfortable.

You should also want to wear it fairly high on your arm, above the wrist knuckle, as wearing it too low could cause problems with heart rate accuracy.

2. Not personalising it

One of the best things about the Apple Watch is the number of personalisation options available. After all, it's a fashion accessory and it's nice to know that the Apple Watch on your wrist is completely unique.

You can buy additional Apple Watch bands and should be customising the Apple Watch faces, especially with Complication widgets that you find useful. For example, there's no point in having your fitness data constant displayed on your watch face if you're not remotely interested in that.

Another area you can customise is your 'Glances' – really tailor that information to you and get rid of any extraneous data or Glances you'll never need.

3. Not setting up safety features

This is without doubt one of the most serious mistakes you could be making. The Apple Watch has the ability to save your life, both long-term (by diagnosing heart conditions) and in the event of a sudden, unforeseen accident.

Make sure you add important health information and emergency contacts to your Medical ID and familiarise yourself with Emergency SOS. The latter will automatically contact emergency services if something serious happens. You'll also want to make sure you're getting heart rate notifications, so you can be alerted to any irregularities. 

4. Not keeping the software updated

To really get the most out of your Apple Watch, you should make sure to keep watchOS updated. These software updates can include new features, security patches, and under-the-hood changes.

I always like to install software updates as soon as they're available – simply open the Watch app on your iPhone, head to 'General' then 'Software Update'.

You'll need to make sure your Apple Watch is on a charger and has at least 50-percent battery life.

5. Not updating your health data

The Apple Watch uses a variety of metrics and sensors to determine how much you move and how many calories you burn doing it. To do these calculations, the Apple Watch uses the data you provide in the Health profile.

To get the most accurate recordings, make sure the details you provide in the Health Profile of the Watch app are accurate. That includes updating your weight periodically. 

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